Why Korea Needs to Embrace ICOs

Korean Can be the Center of Innovation in Blockchain

I think blockchain is the future.  Every industry will be incorporating blockchain technologies or services in the future.  ICO and blockchain can change the world.  We will see a lot of innovation and technologies with blockchain and ICOs in the coming months.  So why not have this new and exciting innovation happen in Korea?  Korea can be the center of innovation in regards to Blockchain.  Korea needs to Embrace ICOs.

Skrumble has experienced the same thing in Canada as well, there were so many regulations and lawyers involved with cryptocurrencies.  Which is why we are doing our ICO in the Cayman Islands.  We also have to protect our company so we work with lawyers, 5 different lawyers like securities lawyers, IP lawyers, and so we are doing everything by the book.  We have to be like a public company and not give anyone an unfair advantage.  I think more companies and more projects need to be doing that, more ICOs need to be doing that.

The other issues with Korean ICO are the capital outflow.  You have a restriction on the amount of capital that goes out of the country.  So there are those two aspects one is the consumer protection and the other is a capital outflow.

The Many Great Benefits of ICO Funding

As far as the consumer protection goes, I think it is a great thing for consumers to invest in ICO because they can deal directly with the project and they don’t have to pay a middleman.  They don’t have a broker or anybody, so if it is a good project and the people are taking care of the legal and it is real and honest.

Therefore, do the due diligence, you are putting the power in the hands of the people.  Just like our project is getting rid of those big companies in the middle, we are putting the power of communication back to the people.  The Skrumble Network provides global access to a secure communication system that enables user privacy and data ownership, all in one place.  A secure communication-centric Blockchain.

I think there is a huge age gap right now in the world.  If you look at a lot of people right now A) they don’t understand the technology and B) they don’t want to understand the technology.  So that is why they are saying let’s just ban it all.   Instead of saying everything that is good is good in moderation.

We are making sure we are compliant and legal in every jurisdiction we talk to.  Skrumble was a big hit at Tokensky which was one of the biggest Blockchain conferences in Seoul.

Eric Lifson
Eric Lifson

Eric is the Co-founder of Skrumble and is a marketing professional with seven years of expertise developing strategic marketing initiatives for world-class FMCG, tech and retail brands including McDonald’s, General Mills and P&G. Created national brand positioning for the most successful product launch in McDonald’s Canada history, McCafé Beverages.

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