What is Gravity Sketch?

What is Gravity Sketch?

So what is Gravity Sketch?  It is an intuitive software to design 3D content with immersive technologies.  I want to tell you a little bit about the story of our company for you to get familiar with where we started.  4 years ago we saw that the world was starting to shift.  That it would become a world more 3D aware/3D literate.

What does this mean? 

This means people were starting to talk about 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality interfaces, all of this need 3D content.  The problem was and that is where Gravity Sketch comes in.  My co-founder and I, our backgrounds are in industrial design and mechanical engineering, so we’ve been using 3D software for most of our professional lives.  The problem is that we are still using software that was created 50 years ago.  It was created for technical people to create machines.  It wasn’t created for people to be creative.  So that is where we started.  We said if this world is really going to happen, 3D printing, virtual reality interfaces, and augmented reality interfaces.  We need people that can create 3D content in a way more easier way.

The challenges of old software

The problem was that the software was really hard to learn, it takes anyone around 4 years to get sort of good at them to be able to communicate an idea that they have in their heads or people rely on old techniques like for example in the car industry they are still using clay models to be able to communicate an idea and to be able to explore certain shapes.  All these old software are based on a screen based computers so you have really poor collaborations and you end up having ten people around a little computer screen.  Doing all this in an era where we can actually be inside a virtual reality environment and design together, it doesn’t really make sense.

This is why we decided to do something about it.  We created a software from the ground up for creative people.  It would use special cognition to allow people to create in a very innovative way.  So we studied how people think while they are doing their creative process.  We studied dancers, designers, architects, and through that we built the user experience that would allow people to just come into the software think about something and materialize it.

Daniela Fuentes
Daniela Fuentes

Daniela is the Co-Founder of Gravity Sketch. As an innovation designer, she bridges science, engineering, and design. As an entrepreneur, she pushes to build ideas into successful realities. She is particularly interested in the human aspect of technology and the incredible possibilities our digital identities can bring to future products and services.

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