WFPL Press Award Winners Announced

The First Press Awards

WFPL PRESS CORPS will hold a ceremony to celebrate “World Movement Day of School Violence Expulsion(SVE)”.  They will also hold a seminar on how to settle safe society and combat school violence.

– FORESTING HQ (CEO Eom Daniel) – the winner of PRESS AWARDS for the “Achievement category”
– 26 groups including Sisun News – the winners of PRESS AWARDS for the “News Media category”
– Lee Song-ae and Park Jin- the winners of PRESS AWARDS for the “announcers category”
– 17 reporters including Lee Geun-shik, Kim Hyo-jung, Ryu Gyu-tae and Gang Cheong-wan – the winners of PRESS AWARDS for “journalist category”

The Awards ceremony to be held at the main auditorium of National Assembly Memorial Hall on Jan. 10, 2019(Thu).

WFPL stands for the World Federation of Power Leaders and they have announced the winners for its “First PRESS AWARDS” awarded at the special ceremony celebrating the “World Movement Day of School Violence Expulsion(SVE)”

“Press Awards” are held under the supervision of WPFL-affiliated organization WFPL PRESS CORPS (President Lee Chee-soo, current Internet Newspaper Association of Korea and WFPL senior advisor).


PRESS AWARDS are intended to improve the quality of media and promote the pride of journalists, and the awards are given to Korean news media and Korean reporters including Korean newspapers and Korean broadcasters who have contributed in disseminating the true value and meaning of communities by spotting, delving into and reporting problems in each field of our society.

This year’s PRESS AWARDS have been chosen through the screening of experts in each field after receiving nominations from July 23 to October 31 in three categories for contribution, news media (newspaper and broadcasting) and journalists (announcers).

The Achievement Award

The achievement award is given to someone who has largely contributed in the development of WFPL PRESS CORPS and the establishment of the true value of media and who has committed to opening up “a world where we live together in peace,” a world where the disadvantaged are not marginalized and the culture of communication is expanded.

The winner of the achievement award was FORESTING HQ (CEO Daniel Eom).

The news media award is given to the news media including newspaper and broadcaster who have significantly contributed to the expansion of values and meanings of our society.

News Media Award

The winners of the news media award were 26 news outlets: Sisun News (President Kim Gwang-woong), IBN Korea Broadcasting (President Song Jong-ho), Social Economy News in Korea (CEO Go Jae-chul), Eco Focus (CEO Shin Mi-ryeong), 100 News (CEO Lee Hoon-hee), Korea Recuperation Newspaper (Kim CEO Yeong-dal), News RG (CEO Im Yang-choon),  Jeju Environment Daily (CEO Go Hyun-joon), Yeosu Internet News (Shin Jang-ho), Segye Times (CEO Lee Chae-bong), Spark News (CEO Park Min-geun), Gyeongbook IT News (CEO Park Myung-sook), Environment Times (CEO Yoo Chul), Global News Agency (CEO Kwon Hyuk-joong), KBNS News Agency (CEO Kim Sung-jin), News In Media (CEO Choi Myung-gyu), Jeonguk News (CEO Kim Jin-goo), Korea Network News (CEO Cho Wan-gi), Internet Korea News (CEO Song Gi-man), Daily Grid (CEO Jang Yeong-shin), Police Joint Newspaper (President Kim Gi-soon), Pedion (CEO Jang Young-seung), STARTUP RADER KOREA (CEO Kim Dong-hyuk), Council Newspaper (Kim Dae-eui), Tnews (CEO Kim Jong-joo) and Robot Newspaper (Jo Gyu-nam).

The Journalist Award

The journalist (announcers) award is given to reporters who have contributed to creating more righteous and happy world by spotting, delving into and covering problems in each field of our society and achieved greatness in various fields including the coverage, editing, reporting, photograph, filming and PD. The journalist award is classified into best journalist (announcer) award and outstanding journalist (announcer award).

Best Announcer Award

The best announcer award winners were Linecom announcer Lee Song-ae and Sisun News announcer Park Jin-ah.

The best journalist award winners were WFPL PRESS CORPS issue coverage department head Lee Geun-shik,  Jeju Environment Daily coverage department head Kim Tae-hong, Kjtimes economy department head Gyeon Jae-soo, BBC Korea reporter Kim Hyo-jung, WFPL Press Corps exploration coverage department head Shim Dong-chul, Minjok News representative reporter Jung Gyeong-hwa,  STARTUP RADAR chief editor Seo Hae, WFPL Press Corps reporter Ryu Gyu-tae, SBS reporter Gang Cheong-wan, WFPL Press Corps coverage department head Lee Cheong-soo and iN The News reporter Gwon Ji-young.

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