Top 5 Independent Korean Beauty Brands to Watch out For!

Are you looking to update your beauty shelf with some independent Korean beauty brands that’ll rival the big guys? Luckily, we’re here today to introduce our 5 top picks to you. While you won’t find any of the old cult classics that you know and love, we’re sure you’ll find a few new favorites!

5 Independent Korean Beauty Brands to Watch Out For

B-Lab Korea

independent korean beauty brands

B-Lab Korea is a Korean skincare brand with a focus on creating high-quality products using natural ingredients: all for the sake of a better environment. Their flagship range is their “I AM SORRY JUST CLEANSING” line which features a wide range of cleansing products, including peeling gel, cleansing water, and oil cleansers, with the range’s tagline emblazoned on it.

All their products come in chic and minimalist looking black and white packaging. Check out their Instagram to lust over the cleansers and start making your wish list.

B-LAB(@b_lab_korea)님의 공유 게시물님,

Where to Buy B-Lab Korea Products in Korea

Their products are available to order from their website.

Duft and Doft

independent korean beauty brands

Duft and Doft are bringing a scent of Scandinavia to Korea with their Nordic inspired fragrance range. The company creates pampering products using only natural ingredients and uses no parabens, mineral oils, talc, synthetic dyes, benzophenones or other potentially harmful chemicals. Many beauty bloggers are dubbing Duft and Doft the #1 beauty brand that they want to keep to themselves.

But, the secret’s out!

Where to Buy Duft and Doft Products in Korea

As well as being available online and in Olive Young stores, Duft and Duft also have a variety of physical locations around Korea. Find out where, here.

Thank you Farmer

independent korean beauty brands

Thank you Farmer is an innovative cosmetic brand that produces high-performance products using all-natural and cruelty-free ingredients. Their Miracle Age Line has been praised by Media giants, such as Vogue and Allure. Their range of products feature skincare, BB creams, and sun protection essentials.

Where to Buy Thank you Farmer Products in Korea

This independent Korean Beauty Brands products can be bought on their websiteas well as at several physical locations around Korea. Find out where, here!

Oka Beauty

independent korean beauty brands

Oka is a fun and exciting independent Korean cosmetics company. They create gorgeous skincare and beauty products that use advanced ingredients for the highest level of care. However, our favorite thing about Oka is the fun packaging of their products with bright pop colors and caricature designs. They are best known for their lipsticks, lip glosses and facemasks.

OKA(@oka_beauty)님의 공유 게시물님,

Where to Buy Oka Beauty Products in Korea

Oka Beauty products are available online.

Wonjin Effect

independent korean beauty brands

Wonjin Effect combines nature and technology to make the most effective skincare products. Their treatments have been developed by some of Korea’s leading dermatologists for the ultimate in luxury beauty. Their flagship products are their advanced face masks however, their face creams and ampoules are also popular.

Where to Buy Wonjin Effect Beauty Products in Korea

Wonjin Effect skincare products can be purchased on their website.

What’s your Favorite Independent Korean Beauty Brand?

So now that we’ve told you our 5 favorite independent Korean beauty brands, its time for you to spill your secrets? What’s your go-to k-beauty product that no one has heard of? Leave us a comment and let us know in the comments!

Nicole Arnott
Nicole Arnott

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