Top 10 Smart Home Products at CES 2018

Top 10 Smart Home Products

Homes are getting smarter and smarter every single year.  Therefore, it seems like everything now is connected to each other and the internet.  Here is Startup Radar’s list of the top 10 Smart Home Products at CES 2018.

10) Kohler Co.

Verdera Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa

Verdera ® Voice Lighted Mirror with Amazon Alexa is the first ever consumer lighted bathroom mirror with Amazon Alexa embedded voice-control capabilities.  Therefore, it is designed to enhance the moments that you and your family spend in the bathroom from hands-on to hands-free.



This is the world’s first smart fingerprint padlock.  Unlocks in 0.8 seconds.  Stores 500 fingerprints for multiple users.  Unlocks wirelessly using Bluetooth with the Tapplock app.  In addition, you can also share and manage access remotely and monitor usage history.  Tapplock is IP6 water-proof with the rechargeable battery lasting 1 year per charge.

8) Remo+

DoorCam – World’s First Over-The Door-Security Camera

DoorCam is the award-winning world’s first wireless, over-the-door smart Wi-Fi security camera that can be placed over any door (in or outside) to help secure a house, apartment, dorm, or business via real-time and recorded HD video

7) Johnson Controls Inc.

Johnson Controls GLAS Smart Thermostat

From the company that invented the thermostat, Johnson Controls’ GLAS is a more personal, efficient and aware smart thermostat for consumers.  Its intuitive controls – including Microsoft Cortana voice support – help automate temperature and monitor indoor air quality, reducing energy costs.

6) Coway Co., Ltd

Beauty platform with smart mirror and cosmetics storage

Beauty Platform preserves cosmetics in an ideal condition by maintaining the temperature appropriate to the cosmetics.  Therefore, the multifunctional mirror provides the user with information on the external environment to enable reference by the user as an aid for makeup.

5) Groupe Muller:  Aireloc, Applimo, Campa, Noirot

Muller Smart Solution for electric heaters “Intuitiv with Netatmo”

“Intuitiv with Netatmo” is a smart add-on module for electric heaters that uses artificial intelligence to enhance user comfort.  Room by room it delivers the desired temperature while saving energy.  Furthermore, these smart electric heaters are controlled by voice or smartphone.

4) Shortcut Labs

Flic Hub

The Flic Hub allows users to control their environment with small and wireless physical buttons.  Therefore one hub can receive commands from 64 buttons simultaneously without delay.  It can control everything – e.g. IR-based HiFi equipment, music streaming, smart lights, and complex workflows.

3) Anyractive & Cremotech


It can instantly transform any display surfaces (TVs, monitors, projector screens, walls, etc) into the interactive touch screens that allow people to draw, write, interact, and collaborate anywhere and anytime.

2) Bang & Olufsen

BeoSound Shape

Wall-mounted modular wireless speaker system combines superb sound with a customizable design.  Furthermore, the hexagonal tiles can be placed in every imaginable size and pattern.  You define the size, shape, color, and sound performance.  Each tile is either a speaker, amplifier, or acoustic damper.

1) Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector

ITRI’s Handheld Pesticide Residue Detector uses micro-optical inspection to determine whether the amount of pesticide residue is within a safe range while users are washing fruits or vegetables, and informs users when washing is complete.  It is a COMPUTEX 2017 Best Choice Award winner.

John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Email = if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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