The Path Planning Problem

The Path Planning Problem

path planningWhat is the path planning problem?  Imagine that a robot has to move a black box to a target point but there is an obstacle in between.  There is an infinite number of ways to plan this path.

This kind of problem is very similar to navigation systems.  Navigation systems that we are all familiar with and is easy to use because path planning has been solved.  However, for robots, this has not been solved.


Because it is much more complex.  A car is always moving on the ground.  There are only two degrees of freedom, go left, right, or straight, so it is super easy to solve.  Objects moved by robots can rotate or even fly like a plane so to speak.  This is a much more complex problem to solve.

The Solution

We at Motus Operandi have solved this problem and we have started a pilot case with Faurecia which one of the largest automotive suppliers in the industry and we’ve worked on this simulation with them and the results that we’ve achieved was the increase of speed by 15%.  Just by using an intelligent path planning software solution.  We are also able to decrease the energy consumption by 40% which also increases the lifetime of the robot by 10%.  All this similar to a navigation system is possible instantly.  You give the target and the end point, you click a button, and you instantly have a solution.  This is what Motus Operandi is offering.

Our Competitive Advantages

Our competitive advantages are several.  We are the first to market.  Our clients in the automotive industry have told us that they have this problem to solve in order to optimize their production but don’t have a solution.  We are the first ones to give them a simple, easy to use, and a risk-free software solution to make that happen for them.  It is easy to use and gives instant results.  Furthermore, t is a cross-platform tool where we are not limited to a certain robot brand.  We can actually scale this up to every robot as long as it is an arm type robot.  For the customer, it means an increase in profitability and the robots will effectively become eco-friendly which is an important factor for marketing for any company.  Buying our license from us has an incredabiliy fast payback of less than one year.

Martin Kefer
Martin Kefer

Martin Kefer is a former ABB robot scientist researching robot applications, robot technology, robot vision applications, and so on, in short, all things industrial robots. He is living in China for almost 5 years now, and since roughly 1 year he started working on his startup Motus Operandi.

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