The dApps of EOS Asia

Create and fund dApps that will take EOS/Blockchain mainstream 

EOS Gems

We will create dApps ourselves. We are working on two dApps at the moment. The first one is The inspiration came when we were building the EOS Asia site. On our site, we will have this giant rotating 3D Chestahedron, which is the EOS logo shape, that moves when you move your mouse. It’s really fun to see and poke around with. If you haven’t seen our site, I highly recommend you to check it out.  The dApps of EOS Asia will be truly unique.  

So we thought, why not give every EOS lover a chance to own a gem like this. Gems will come in different shapes and color. They can be mined and fused together to create new gems that have different characteristics. You can also, obviously, trade your gem. And most importantly, you can showcase your rare gem to the world in 3D.

We are also providing technical consultation to the second dApp that we are working on called TXT. It stands for Traffic Exchange Token. The website is at It’s the first EOS-based advertisement protocol that pays the viewers. With the TXT browser plugin installed, viewers will only see ads that give them rewards. Any other ads will be blocked.

The amount of TXT viewers made can be used to purchase premium content or tip for websites. So if say I really enjoyed watching some youtube channel, I can tip the channel owner with some TXT. TXT also prevents user privacy from leaking because no user privacy data is stored anywhere.

This is especially something that a lot of people pay attention to now after the Facebook privacy scandal. All user privacy data is stored only locally and can be tweaked/removed by the user. You know exactly what is being sent and it can be changed at any time. We believe TXT is a revolutionary innovation in the Internet advertising industry.

Tech Sharing

We will not only create dApps ourselves. We are going to teach other devs to create EOS DApps. Doing tech sharing is also something we have a lot of experience with. Our team has done tech sharings in major tech conferences such as QCon, Ruby Conf, JS Conf and AWS Summit. I have personally helped to grow the React China community, which is a frontend framework, to grow from just a few dozens of people to more than 15 thousand developers.

We will be creating tutorials to teach other people to create DApps. In fact, we are thinking about doing a tutorial on how we build EOS Gems step by step, so people can follow us and see how EOS Gems come to life. We will also be hosting hackathons with one the biggest developers community in China – SegmentFault – to host 4 hackathons in 4 different cities around Asia.

So really, the first goal of EOS Asia is really to do everything we can to create and teach and fund dApps that will take EOS mainstream and thus take Blockchain mainstream.

Dafeng Guo
Dafeng Guo

Dafeng is co-founder and CTO of Strikingly, where he graduated from Y Combinator in 2013. A successful serial entrepreneur, he previously has created Facebook apps with more than 20 million users. Dafeng began coding when he was 14 years old and has since been deeply involved in the technical community. He has spoken at various technical conferences including QCon, SDCC, Computing Conference, RubyConf, and JSConf. In 2017, Dafeng was awarded as Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP for his contribution to the cloud computing community in China. As a blockchain and EOS enthusiast, Dafeng is committed to contributing his technical insight and passion to the EOS community.

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