The Challenges of Virtual Reality

What is preventing VR from becoming a Mass phenomenon?

The challenges of virtual reality are many.  There are still big hardware advancements that need to be made in the VR industry.  There are still lags so the picture does not change as fast as your body moves.  Then there is the head tracking issue.  In real life when you move your head your picture moves and in VR this does not happen.  It can be solved by what is called inside-out tracking and many companies are working on that.

Another challenge is the eye-focusing issue, the majority of the platforms right now does not let you focus on things like you do in real life where things further away get blurred with does not happen in Virtual reality so your eyes think they are getting tricked.  Then there are cable issues and the controller’s issue.  Steve Jobs once said that the best controllers are your fingers.  Many companies are working on your body actually becoming a controller, but it is still years to come.

The last problem that is holding VR back from becoming massive is the immersion level.  So VR provides a great immersion level which is actually perfect for education but it is not socially acceptable.  Imagine there is 1.6 million crashes happening each year due to smartphones and now imagine people driving around with those boxes on…it is just not socially acceptable.  Even sitting on a bus with a VR headset is not acceptable either.  That actually makes it really great for education.  Simply because kids get distracted really easily and it is a big challenge for teachers to hold kids attention.  In VR you just immerse yourself totally in the scene and the distraction does not happen.

As investors and entrepreneurs, we should educate ourselves, talk as much as possible to teachers, students, and experts and find out what problems are out there in education and with the help of modern technology just like VR, try to solve them.

Fedor Katrukha
Fedor Katrukha

Fedor Katrukha started his career in internet in one of the largest Russian e-commerce holdings - KupiVip in 2012, after he co-founded first designer oriented shopping club in Russia -, since autumn of 2017 he is leading all marketing activities in subscription-based educational startup MEL Science.

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