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Digital Marketing with Power Rangers

Power Rangers was a huge hit in the United States.  It was licensed from Japan.  In 2017, they came out with a new movie and still they continue to sell tons of toys.  But if you think about it, typically in brand marketing what they do is they go and buy commercials.  Or they go and buy billboards.  But these are large marketing dollars that never get attributed to the people spending money on the actual properties.  What we do is both the physical as well as the digital marketing for it.  We were able to create a DVD where when people buy it they will be able to open up specific characters from within the game.

If you go see the movie you can scan the movie ticket and get something inside of the game.  Also if you go to individual events related to Power Rangers like ComicCon and meet one of the Power Rangers celebrities, they will give you a specific code that allows you to scan.  Then you will be able to get very exclusive items within the game.

Treasure Hunt at ComicCon

ComicCon is one of the biggest comic conventions in the United States.  Over 500,000 people attend over a span of 4 days.  What we did was we took all the different events across all the different licensors and put them together for an overall treasure hunt.  We wanted to create an overall game they can play inside of the fighting game.  This makes the attendees go to all the different events and also allows the Power Rangers IP to measure how successful the different campaigns are doing.  This was not possible before.

The Future of AR in Gaming

AR is kind of an aspect of a window from the physical world to the digital world.  We have been focused hardcore on QR and NFC technology.  But the iOS 11 with the iPhoneX and iPhone8 is really focused on taking the physical interaction and putting them into a digital piece of it.  This is something we are focusing a lot on now.  For iOS 11 if you open up your camera, the camera automatically detects QR codes now.  This will allow you to deeply interact with all sorts of physical products and really help you measure those pieces.  Now any picture that you take that has a product inside of it, the camera can now activate it for a digital experience.

Jia Shen
Jia Shen

Jia is the CEO at PowerCore a Smart Toy Platform. Prior to founding RockYou at 25, Jia had deep experience across a range of technology companies, including consumer shopping, email authentication and security, Enterprise International Supply Chain Management, and VoiceXML / telephony. Jia is a guest contributor for Startup Radar.

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