Spend Enjoyable Spare Time with Korean Startup Podotree

In today’s digital world, many people spend their spare time consuming mobile contents. Thousands of contents, such as web cartoons or web novels, are coming out everyday. At the same time, there are numerous platforms that release those to consumers. Among them, ‘Podotree’ has developed into an outstanding mobile contents platform with differentiated services. 

Korean startup Podotree

Podotree is a Korean startup that provides various mobile contents to its users. At the start of the business, the company led the education field by developing applications that helped students with their studies. However, it changed its specialty into contents business, by launching the service ‘Kakao Page’ and ‘Daum Webtoon’.

Kakao Page is a platform which provides various cartoons, novels or film contents, and it is operated by both ‘Kakao’ and ‘Podotree’ company. Also, Daum Webtoon takes charge of users’ spare time by offering various cartoons for different days of the week. Following are distinctive services that Podotree presents through these two platforms.

Differentiated services of Podotree

1. ‘If you wait, it will be free’ service 

In the pre-existing system, ‘charged contents’ and ‘free contents’ were obviously divided, and users had to passively accept this structure. If they wanted to consume contents with fee, they had no choice but to make a payment.

Podotree brought about an innovation in this system by presenting ‘If you wait, it will be free’ service for the first time. This is the service that enables people to enjoy charged contents for free if they wait certain amount of time. Users who are willing to wait for a maximum of 3 days can hold on and enjoy mobile contents of fine quality without paying. In contrast, people who want to enjoy them faster with some cost can use charged service. In other words, ‘if you wait, it will be free’ service has expanded consumers’ range of choices. Being free from established stereotypes, people can make a rational decision based on their situations.

2. ’10 minutes first’ service

Most people hesitate to pay for films without much information. Podotree solves this problem by offering ’10 minutes first’ service. This opens the first 10 minutes of movies to its users. Through this service, people can choose whether or not to make a payment. By watching some parts of the movie, they don’t have to make unnecessary costs any longer.

3. ‘Today’s present’ service

Podotree offers various gift certificates to people everyday in the Kakao Page platform. With this service, people can enjoy their favorite works without burdens.

4. ‘Free if you send a gift’ service

If people send a certificate to their acquaintances in Kakao Page, people who bought a gift can also enjoy paid contents for free! They can serve two ends through the service.


If you want to make your spare time more enjoyable and reasonable, try using Podotree!

Minjoo Park
Minjoo Park

Minjoo Park is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in business administration.

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