Size Does Matter: Korean Startup Bagel Labs

Today, more and more smart appliances are making life easier. Innovative new products are released every day, and people can no longer imagine life without them. However, smart technology has failed to go into some fields. One of them is ‘length measurement’ area. Most people still go through the tedious process of using an analog measuring tape and writing down the measured value one by one. ‘Bagel Labs’ has brought about a reform in those problems. 

Korean startup Bagel Labs

Bagel Labs is a Korean startup that launched a ‘smart tapeline’ for the first time. A smart tapeline is an appliance that enables its users to measure length in a digital method. With this small product, people can gauge anything and increase efficiency in a number of areas, such as architecture and fashion areas. Bagel Labs has released 2 types of products, and they are ‘Bagel Light’ and ‘Bagel Square’. The former one is suitable for ordinary people, and the latter one for professional architect. The company is currently recognized for its value, sweeping several awards worldwide. The following is some of the services that Bagel Labs offers to its users.

How it works

1. Various modes

Bagel Labs provides 3 types of modes for a tapeline, and users can make use of them according to their intended use. There are ‘string mode’, ‘wheel mode’, and ‘remote mode’.

(1) String mode

Many people might have had difficulty in measuring the circumference of a curve with the analog measuring tape. When users set to string mode in the smart tapeline, they can easily gauge curve circumference with a flexible and thin string. 

(2) Wheel mode

It is almost impossible to measure the length of uneven sides with an analog tapeline. Wheel mode can solve this problem by enabling people to measure length with a sensor. When people pass by smart measuring tape over the bumpy face, they can get the value without any separate string.

(3) Remote mode

Have you ever failed to measure length because of the shortness of an analog tapeline? Or have you experienced trouble in measuring area that was out of reach? With the remote mode, users can measure long length as far as 30m by emitting a laser beam. People do have to stretch out their hands or purchase a longer analog tapeline.

2. self-recording system

With the pre-existing method, people had to write down several measured values one by one in their notepads. Bagel Labs lessened this tiresome work by adopting a self-recording system. Users can save the readings in the smart tapeline by pressing a small button and record their description by themselves. These measurements can be seen and managed in Bagel Labs mobile application.


3. Digital display

With Bagel Labs, people don’t have to read the gradations on a tape, but they just have to look at the value that appears in a digital display. This digital display is designed to be visible in any lighting or environments.

If you want to smartly measure everything in this world, try using Bagel Labs!

Minjoo Park
Minjoo Park

Minjoo Park is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in business administration.

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