Seoul Coworking Space Naver D2 Startup Factory

Coworking Space in Seoul:  Naver D2 Startup Factory

Best for: Tech startups who share Naver’s vision for innovation

Cost: Free

Amenities: Meeting rooms, Printing facility, Phonebooth.  


Located in the center of the Gangnam district, Naver D2 Startup Factory is a dreamland for tech startups in Seoul. This place is not just another coworking space. It is an accelerator that provides both a free workplace and a seed money to startups that work with technologies of the future.

Naver D2 Startup Factory can house teams of 2 to 6 people. Depending on startup’s size and needs there are areas with fixed desks and private offices. There are meeting rooms and huge lounge that often host events for members. Naver also offers its cloud service to all the members. The place also has Arcade Games and Ramen Making so the members could unwind after stressful hours of work.


  • Free space at Gangnam: Startups can understand the value of free co-working space. Naver D2 Startup Factory tops that with the location since it’s easy to commute both for you and for your potential clients.
  • Developer 2 Developer: Networking at Naver D2 Startup Factory contrasts from other coworking spaces. When startup enters D2 Startup it introduces itself. There are demo days when startups present themselves to the community. And finally, each startup is required to teach one lecture in the field of their expertise. In such a way, Naver D2 Startup Factory promotes the role of learning from talented people that work alongside you.


  • Limited access:  Unfortunately, if you are a tech startup it does not guarantee that you will get a place here. Naver D2 Startup Factory chooses those startups that complement their existing community the most. That’s why you definitely have to consider how to pitch yourself to them.

Final note:

Naver D2 Startup Factory stands out as a coworking space that understands and supports startup in action. It might be tough to get in here, but it’s a challenge that will make your startup stronger.

andCards will continue to review the top coworking spaces in Seoul.


Location: Seoul, Gangnam-gu, Gangnam-daero, Meriz Tower, 16F

Mariia Shutak
Mariia Shutak

Mariia is an experienced marketer, strategist and a digital nomad at andCards, the coworking space management software. She loves the freedom that remote work gives her, and advocates it in her life, work and travels around the world.

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