Seoul Coworking Space Honghap Valley

Coworking Space in Seoul:  Honghap Valley

Best for: pre-startups, freelance designers, and aspiring entrepreneurs

Cost: free (requires registration at the webpage)

Amenities: Printing, Cafe with free drinks


Located few blocks away from Hongik subway station, Honghap Valley offers coworking spaces for aspiring startups and entrepreneurs in the area. It is free to use for all who register at their webpage due to the support of the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

This space has an urbanistic cafe design, however, it is much quieter than your average cafe in Seoul and with a fast and stable WiFi speed. And it was definitely a better deal since HonghapValley offers americano, latte, and tea for free to fuel your creative engine. They also can help you print and copy your documents for no extra fees.

HonghapValley is humble in size and roughly can fit 20-30 people with laptops. However, it is not busy and usually only half-occupied. HonghapValley also holds several events per month including educational lectures for startups and networking breakfasts. During those hours it is unavailable for coworking, so make sure you visit their website to plan your schedule accordingly.


  • They got your back: For a starting enterprise, every penny helps, so a professional space with free drinks that doesn’t charge you anything for using their space is worthy opportunity to consider.
  • Location-oriented: Hongdae and Hapjeong areas in Seoul are known for their creative spirit and a young and innovative vibe. Honghap Valley has those crowds in mind and fits their events accordingly.


  • No weekend hours: Often times it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is if you have a deadline for your project you won’t be able to use the space during the weekend.  For those who are running startups or freelancing, this could be a problem.
  • Shared only space: As for now, HonghapValley doesn’t have any meeting rooms or phone booths you could use to keep your business matters private. There are cozy couches that you could use for a meeting.  This could be an important factor for those who stress about being overheard.

Final note:

Honghap Valley would be your solid pick for a coworking space if you have a small team that located in Hongdae and Hapjeong areas. It has a cafe-like atmosphere that is beloved by a lot of people, but without the downsides of a real cafe: loud people and a meal price for a cup of coffee.

andCards will continue to review the top coworking spaces in Seoul.

Web page:

Working Hours: Weekdays 9AM-9PM

Location: 1F. ANT Bldg, 197-10, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea

Mariia Shutak
Mariia Shutak

Mariia is an experienced marketer, strategist and a digital nomad at andCards, the coworking space management software. She loves the freedom that remote work gives her, and advocates it in her life, work and travels around the world.

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