Seoul Coworking Space Google Campus Seoul Review

Coworking Space in Seoul:  Google Campus Seoul

Best for:  Pre-founders and early startups who share Google’s vision for innovations.

Cost: Free (online registration required for an access)

Amenities: High-speed WiFi, Cafe, Soundproof call rooms


For those who consider visiting Google Campus Seoul, the first step would be registering on the Campus’ webpage. After that, you can pick up your key at the reception desk during their working hours. Furthermore, this will make you a member of the Google’s Campuses around the world.

Campus Seoul has three zones: Garden Zone, Event area Zone, and Cafe Zone. Unfortunately, the Garden was closed when we visited the Campus.  This was due to the freezing weather. Therefore, it is likely that any drop in temperature will cut off the access to this pretty area which has a fountain and futuristic furniture.

The event area has a stage, plus some tables and couches near the walls that can be used as a hotspot to work on your laptop.

The cafe area strikes your attention with a variety of fancy light sources, interesting design elements, plants, and a great playlist. Drinks and snacks are affordable, especially for the Gangnam area.

Deep into the coworking rooms, you will find call rooms, that you can sign up. Also, there is one extra seminar room that is usually opened for coworking. Overall there are around 100 seats, but when there are events, up to 300 people could be in attendance, so that time would not be the best for coworking.

Google Campus runs an incubator for a selected number of startups, who are called residents. They have their own area here and supported by a great package of Google’s services. Google holds a competition for the residency every six months and it is a good opportunity to bring a startup to the next level of recognition.


  • Google affiliation: The company remains a dream job for millions in the world. And this is probably the best place to experience their corporate philosophy as well as get fueled by other gifted and determined people for no extra cost.        
  • Events: This place is worthy of your attention at least for their events. Campus presents venture capitalists, artists, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and visionaries as well as organizes a mentoring with successful Googlers. And don’t forget to get to know future Elon Musk, who might have worked at the table to your left, during monthly networking events at Campus Seoul.


  • Passable interior design: The chance of finding a good spot to work varies a lot depending on the weather and if there is an event taking place. There are about 10-15 seats at the event area, and if the garden is closed you can only look for a seat at the cafe. And it’s a fancy looking cafe with good coffee, but let’s be honest, there are many coffee shops around Seoul that will provide you the same experience.
  • Lack of a native app: One thing you don’t expect in Google’s facility is to book call rooms on a piece of paper stuck to a wall next to it. They should make it easier to know about the upcoming events without the need to visit Campus’ website.

Final note:

Google’s Campus is definitely one of the most notable coworking spaces in Seoul. Google’s brand name makes the place a tourist destination for digital nomads across the world. Free membership and location at Gangnam district make it a great options for digital nomads or freelancers. But it is worth to know the schedule of events here to make sure you can get the desired coworking experience.

andCards will continue to review the top coworking spaces in Seoul.


Working Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM-9PM, Saturday 9AM-5PM

Closed on National Holidays (Reception Hours: Monday to Friday 9AM-6PM)

Location: B2 Autoway Tower, 417, Yeongdong-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Mariia Shutak
Mariia Shutak

Mariia is an experienced marketer, strategist and a digital nomad at andCards, the coworking space management software. She loves the freedom that remote work gives her, and advocates it in her life, work and travels around the world.

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