Seoul Coworking Space Fab Lab Seoul Review

Fab Lab Seoul

Best for: individual startups that specialize in design; design students;

Cost: No membership required

3D printer – 3,000/h

Laser Cutter – 4,000-7,000/h

CNC machine – 7,000/h

Workshops – 35,000 – 70,000

Amenities: 3D printers, Laser cutter, CNC machine, Locker, Hand tools, Vinyl cutter


Fab Lab Seoul is not your typical coworking space. Established with the support of NGO called TIDE University, it is part of a world initiative to create an easily accessible space with design equipment that was previously used only by large enterprises.  FabLabs exists all around the world and has gained a lot of recognition over the last year due to their empowering mission.

This space has a distinct feel of the lab. In addition, it has an atmosphere of an artistic mess.  It is familiar to many artists yet it is organized by zones and has a very strict self-cleaning policy. However, the main reason people come here is to rent equipment to create their prototype or a milestone project at school.

Since FabLab embraces the idea that everyone should have the right to learn and create, they don’t require you to be professionally educated. However, due to safety reasons, you are required to attend a 3-hour workshop before you can rent the equipment.


  • Cheap access to professional tools: This place is a great solution for those who want to flash out a project, but are not ready to make a costly purchase.
  • Educational programs: Employees here have big experience with the equipment and you won’t be left on your own


  • Workshop queue: Workshops for 3D printing and Laser cutting happen only once a month and have ~20 slots. The registration for it fills up fast and there are people on a waiting list in case someone suddenly backs out. So it is not that easy to get straight to work.

Final note

There is no denial that 3D printing will become part of our professional routine the same way regular printing did in the past. FabLab helps young adults learn and create with it. Surely it could use some more space renovation to fit their futuristic mission, but real things are getting done here and it is a great community to get to know.

andCards will continue to review the top coworking spaces in Seoul.


Working Hours: 9AM-6PM; 24/7 with acquired residency 

Location: Seoul JongRo-Gu Jangsadong 116-4, Sewoon Sang-ga 5F, #550

Mariia Shutak
Mariia Shutak

Mariia is an experienced marketer, strategist and a digital nomad at andCards, the coworking space management software. She loves the freedom that remote work gives her, and advocates it in her life, work and travels around the world.

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