Runway To Rise Seoul: Korean Startup Cloudbric ICO

Cloudbric ICO

Cyberspace is expanding enormously and it touches practically everything and everyone when today’s communications primarily depend on information technologies. Therefore, due to its inherent insecurity, there will always be attempts to launch cyber attacks. The whole society needs a firm cybersecurity system.  Korean startup Cloudbric is about to revolutionize the cybersecurity landscape through AI. Therefore, Cloudbric is a next-generation cybersecurity platform aiming to bring AI based security into the Internet through the encouragement of a new decentralized security ecosystem. Furthermore, with the help of its universal security platform, Cloudbric protects all kinds of websites, mobile devices, and cryptocurrency assets.

Having started as an in-house venture of Penta Security Systems Inc., Cloudbric provides safe protection to about 10,000 users, more than 50 global partners and over 25 data centers around the world. 

How does it work? It is very simple. Users train Cloudbric’s AI module by anonymously attacking the platform logs. The more attempts are contributed, the stronger the AI protector becomes. The most important part of the project is that the company will reward its users with free CLB tokens for their security contributions.

Keys to Winning at Runway to RISE Seoul:

  • Necessity and Cost-effectiveness of the System
  • AI Protector and Simplicity of the Platform
  • Use of CLB tokens


Cloudbric should convince the judges how essential their security ecosystem is to every user. The company is offering a protection based on the capabilities of artificial intelligence. Therefore, they need to show the potential strength of their platform compared to the traditional cybersecurity systems most of which provide highly-paid services. Furthermore, having given a simple description of their deep learning AI module, they should focus on the platform’s simplicity. The user interface and the tasks are supposed to be simple enough since not every user has a standard knowledge of cybersecurity and filtering the cyber attacks.

Last but not least, the company-tailored tokens called CLBs will need accurate answers to the following questions: 

– Is there any CLB wallet?

– How to use the CLB tokens?

– How is CLB traded online?

– Is there any supply limit of CLB tokens?

Jakhongir Gulomov
Jakhongir Gulomov

Global Communications Manager

Jakhongir is the Social Media Marketer and an Editor at Startup Radar. He has an MA in International Finance and is a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Enthusiast. He is a digital content creator who loves sports and technology.

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