Resolving Artistic Inequality!: Korean Startup BBuzzArt

Tens of thousands of people around the world graduate from art college, and hope to become an artist. However, only a minority of them manage to exhibit their works in a gallery and share them with others. Opportunities are not open to everyone, and most artists fall into isolation, without getting any chance. ‘BBuzzArt’ is a mobile application launched to solve this inequality.

Korean Startup BBuzzArt

BBuzzArt is a global art social platform established by a Korean startup. This enables artists to show their pieces to the public and communicate with them. Instead of sharing popular works, BBuzzArt shares works of rising artists. Therefore, the platform can help those alienated artists experience artistic development. Moreover, many art enthusiasts came to appreciate new pieces for free. A number of artists and art lovers around the world are currently using this application, and more than 30,000 artworks are being displayed.

How it works

You can use BBuzzArt freely after you signed up for membership through Facebook, Google or Email. Artists should complete their profile by adding their picture and entering their introduction. After that, they can upload their pieces with a title and creator’s note.

If artists are done with uploading, they can get feedback from users through the ‘Feedback Aide’ service. Users can choose 3 words that they think matches the piece best. Then, the application automatically completes the comments. Of course, people can edit the sentence if they want to.


Every week, BBuzzArt recommends new artworks to its users by the ‘BBuzz pick’ service. Moreover, it suggests personalized pieces according to the individual’s taste and characteristics. Displayed artworks are well classified. Instead of sorting them through traditional methods, BBuzzArt categorizes them into ’emotional keywords’. Therefore, users can quickly look for pieces that suits their taste. And there is even more! Rising artists can sell their works, and enthusiasts can collect them at an affordable price.

To all the artists around the world, show your abilities freely in BBuzzArt!

Minjoo Park
Minjoo Park

Minjoo Park is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in business administration.

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