Potential Partners for Korean Startups at Meet Taipei Startup Festival

Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2018

Meet Taipei Startup Festival which took place on Nov 15th – 17th at the Taipei Expo Dome.  In addition, the event brought in over 100 international startups along with over 300 Taipei startups.  However, Korean startup presence was severely lacking at the conference.   Korean startups really missed out on a great opportunity to connect with not only the Taipei Startup Ecosystem but VCs, startups, media from all over the world.  There were great investment opportunities, pitches, seminars, talks on innovation, cross-border cooperation, and mentorship.  Therefore, this is why it is important for Korea to have a larger presence for Meet Taipei Startup Festival 2019.

Why Korea Needs to be a part of Meet Taipei

We had a chance to speak with the organizer behind Meet Taipei, Business Next CEO Katie Chen.  She spoke of being open to a partnership to bring more Korean startups, press, and VCs to Meet Taipei.  This could be done in the form of a satellite pitch competition in Seoul where the winner or winners will be offered flight, accommodation, booth, a chance to meet investors, and participate in pitch competitions.

Koreans love to talk about going global because the Korean market is not big enough.  Therefore, Taiwan is a great gateway to other countries in Southeast Asia and can also bridge the gap to the Chinese market.  Furthermore, this would be a much easier road to go global compared to entering the US or European market due to cultural differences.  Meet Taipei offers a chance for Korean startups and companies to learn from and understand the local market customers in Taiwan.  In addition, they can also find local partners who will be able to manage the region for you.

Taiwan is a market that is evolving at a much faster rate than Korea, especially in the startup sector.  Furthermore, many have great connections to China and can be Korea’s bridge to the Chinese market as well.  Therefore, Korean startups and companies need to build their network in Southeast Asia as that will be the easiest way to start to expand globally.

Potential Partners for Korean Startups


MemePR is an international marketing platform that specializes in marketing advice using AI technology.  They provide marketing partners in more than 10 countries for instant marketing services.  Korean startups or companies looking to do events or….

  • Create a customized marketing plan
  • Quickly build up fame for brand
  • Increase work performance
  • Cross-border marketing
  • Expand business to their international market
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Cross-media matchmaking
  • Develop new customer base

MemePR would be the perfect partner for Korean startups or companies looking to expand into the global market.


Those looking for maximum press coverage SparkAmplify would be the right partner for you.  Korean companies should partner with SparkAmplify to build your brand in Southeast Asia.  They have a large collection of Journalist and even has an AI system that can connect you to the right media for press releases.  They are a subscription-based service, so there is no need to worry regarding long-term contracts.


Giftpack offers an amazing way to gift as if you were there.  They are a global, 3-hour gifting service where users can pick a gift, add their own customization, and message.  Giftpack is a global company so with locations in Japan, Hong Kong, United States, France, Singapore, and Taiwan.  They are looking for partners in Korea to expand their service.

Taiwan Startup Stadium

Korean VCs looking to find high-quality Taiwanese startups can join Taiwan Startup Stadium.  They are a hub that connects the most innovative Taiwan startups to the world.  They collaborate with local and international partners such as international accelerators, conferences, partners, and corporates.  Korean mentors, media, accelerators, and VCs should partner with TSS.


TourTalk helps travellers have their every own concierge at their fingertips.  Visitors will be able to ask TourTalk everything they would want to know from where to eat and where to visit.  They offer live video/voice interpretation.  For Korean tourism companies looking for a partner to expand their services or companies looking to bring TourTalk to Korea should partner up with TourTalk.

Pagoda Projects

Pagoda Projects is going beyond work experience in the International Higher Education sector.  They offer award-winning programmes and long-term paid placements for students.  Pagoda Projects are looking to find a partner in Korea to bring their services to Seoul.  They already have partnerships with Vietnam, Taiwan, and China.  They work with high profile universities from all over the world and have partnerships with the British Council, Education New Zealand, and projects funded by Australia’s New Colombo Plan.

Woodpecker Learning

The best ways to become fluent is to watch authentic shows and videos created for native speakers.  Woodpecker is filled with video features to help you improve your foreign language skills.  Users will be able to practice commonly used vocabulary, tones, and accents while watching a huge library of popular shows from all over the world.  Korean ed-tech companies should partner up with Woodpecker Learning to bring this innovative learning technology to Korea.


myproGuide lets you customize your tours.  Users can select their personal tour guide based on reviews.  They have tour guides in Thailand, Myanmar, Taiwan, and the Philippines, and many more and they are looking for partners in Korea to bring their tour service to Korea.  They already have many users who have expressed their interest in using myproGuide for Korea.

These are just some companies and organizations looking for partners in Korea.

Why Taiwanese Startups Should Enter the Korean Market.

For Taiwanese startups looking to go global, South Korea is a good place to start.  This is because South Koreans are so well connected because they have one of the fastest internet connections in the world.  They are also keen on the speedy adoption of new technology platforms.  Therefore, South Korea is a great test market for Taiwanese startups.  The Korean government also promotes funding to bring more international startups into Korea.  This support will allow Taiwanese startups to have time to build their brand slowly and effectively.

Hopefully, in 2019, a large Korean Startup presence will be at Meet Taipei to bridge the gap between the startup ecosystems.

John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Foresting.io. Email = john@startupradar.asia if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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