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Introducing Korean Startup Platform 9

Starting your own company is never an easy task. You often don’t know where to start, what needs to be done, and who to ask for help. Well, if you are looking to establish your own startup company in Korea, you no longer need to worry! Korean startup Platform 9 is a company with a vision of “creating and leading future-oriented startup ecology in Korea,” and is there to lend small-business owners a hand.

Platform 9 derived its name from the world-famous novel series, “Harry Potter”. Within the novel, Platform 9 and 3/4 is the space that connects the dimensions of human world and wizard world. In a similar context, Platform 9 intends to become a launch pad, which Korean startups can leverage to convert their creative ideas into successful businesses, which bring values and innovations into our society.

Min-gu Lee, the CEO of Platform 9 has been an active player in the Korean startup scene himself.  He has 11 years of startup experience as the former CEO of Class Edu, an academic consulting company. Therefore, on the strength of his great expertise and knowledge in entrepreneurship, the CEO developed a mobile application called “WOORIDONGNE CEO”, the literal translation of which means “Neighborhood CEO”.



In October 2017, WOORIDONGNE CEO was officially registered at the App Store. It is a mobile platform, which provides business solutions to its users with respect to issues, from selecting a business item to conducting sustainable business activities. Some of WOORIDONGNE CEO’s strengths are 1) it is easy to use for people of all ages, 2) it has a very intuitive interface, and 3) it has a beautiful design.

But, the best part about WOORIDONGNE CEO has to be that it charges no fees! Furthermore, WOORIDONE CEO cuts franchise marketing costs down to 1% at most. On average, online marketing costs 20-30 million won ($2000-$3000) per month. However, advertising cost on WOORIDONGNE CEO costs only 90,000-400,000 won ($90-$400) monthly. What’s more, advertising on WOORIDONGNE CEO delivers high-purity advertisement by targeting its mobile app users, who are looking to open businesses themselves. In contrast, regular online marketing randomly targets unspecified groups, which has relatively small marketing effects compared to its excessive cost.

Using WOORIDONGNE CEO is fast, easy and accurate. And, it gives you insight and access to information free of charge. So, if you decide to launch a startup in Korea, why not give WOORIDONGNE CEO a shot? Afterall, you have everything to gain, and nothing to lose.

John Kim
John Kim

John Kim is majoring in Management and International Law at Handong Global University. He specializes in Korean domestic tech startups (Fintech), foreign tech startups looking to break into the Korean market, and NGOs. He also covers Korean culture to familiarize readers about lifestyle and trends in Korea.

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