Make your Living Fun: Korean Startup Toy’s Myth

Korean Startup Toy’s Myth

Have you ever felt something is not enough? That idea is what made today’s Toy’s Myth. They define “fun” as something that relates the feeling of missing and starts doing something with it. Based on M2M and IoT technologies, Korean startup Toy’s Myth comes up with smart products. Furthermore, with smart IDE and brand-new equipment, they are trying to deliver products and services that have usability and differentiated “fun”.

Korean startup Toy’s Myth is a technology company specialized in IoT. In addition, cutting-edge hardware and solution for IoT products and services are in the process of development.  Currently, they have the hardware, software, big data and AI related technologies. Therefore they have their own STARBUCK platform that works as an infrastructure for all other services.



The first fruition of Toy’s Myth is SmartRC HaMMER. The unique individuality and techniques they have are inhered in the product. You can control it on your smartphone with the mobile APP as the car has its own Wi-Fi AP(access point). It does not require any other internet access. Like a real car, it has headlights, emergency lights, and even blinkers that you can manipulate. Furthermore, it has 8 suspensions and tires which makes the car powerful when driving. There is an omni-vision camera on the car where you can film videos or take pictures with the RC car. The battery has a high efficiency.  The 2000mAh battery allows users to drive for 1 hour.

Starting with Smart RC HaMMER, Toy’s Myth has now created Pinoccio, a talking Simsimi IoT toy. It is based on IoT techniques where you can literally communicate with toys as they recognize you and understand what you say. There are even more IoT solutions on the way. WPS, Smart City Solution, Smart School Solution, Smart Scanner are IoT solutions that have been a breakthrough.  They have been utilized usefully for each industry they are placed in.

Chloe Han
Chloe Han

Chloe Han is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in Business Administration and English Literature and Language.

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