Korean Startup Mojitok: Enrich Your Conversation!

The Universal Visual Language

There are thousands of complex emotions in this world. However, it is difficult for us to select the exact word to express these feelings. People use ’emoticons’ for this reason. An emoticon is a language which uses symbols, drawings or written words.  We often use it in order to simply convey our emotions to other people and to invigorate our conversation.  Mojitok is a Korean startup which enables us to make use of emoticons more conveniently and diversely. The company aims to make people form closer relationships with one another by using the universal visual language, emoticons.

How it Works

Mojitok is different from several pre-existing services. It recommends appropriate emoticons to its users with the utilization of AI. When a user enters a text, Mojitok shows several emoticons that fit perfectly to the text or the situation. People can reduce the troublesome efforts and the time it takes to think about which emoticons to use. Also, Mojitok has collaborated with a number of creators.  They offer more than 7000 emoticons to its consumers. Even people who get easily tired of using the same emoticons can express their feelings more colorfully with these various emoticons.


The company is providing up to 10 emoticons a day to its consumers.  Those who want to use the emoticons without any restriction can pay a monthly fee of $3 and enjoy the service. Mojitok is currently used mostly on SMS.  However, it plans to expand its service by making associations with several external companies.


Enrich your conversation with Mojitok!

Minjoo Park
Minjoo Park

Minjoo Park is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in business administration.

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