Korean Startup MEDiHERE: Reliable Medical Content

Korean Startup MEDiHERE

Korean Startup MEDiHERE is an O2O platform for providing reliable medical information.  It is a combination of LinkedIn and social e-commerce for medical content.  Think of it as a social media site for Korean doctors and a place where they can promote their service.

In Korea, the many patients do not trust the medical ads shown on advertisements.  Many people are making serious medical decisions with the wrong information.  It has been known that doctors and hospitals sometimes make false claims to bring in more patients (customers).  It is hard for Koreans to know who they can trust.  Finding a reliable source what a particular hospital specializes is very hard.  Going deeper, finding what a doctor specializes in is even harder.

Hospitals in Korea are always competing against each other.  This explains why medical ads are so expensive.  If hospitals are going to spend a lot of money on advertising it has to be effective.  But where can doctors and hospitals promote their service effectively?  Data also shows that the public is starting to distrust the medical ads that exaggerate claims and results.  Therefore most go off recommendations from their friends or family when it comes to choosing the right hospital or doctor.

How MEDiHERE Works

Korean Startup MEDiHERE has the solution.  Through their platform, they can provide the specialized fields of doctors and hospitals.  Also, you will be able to compare medical information of different doctors and hospitals.  Patients can now detailed information about doctors and hospitals.  Hospitals and doctors can now do effective marketing that targets patients that need their service.

Korean Startup MEDiHERE

Download MEDiHERE

Patients can download the MEDiHERE app and a list of medical treatments, doctors, and hospitals will come up on the main page.

Then they can see detailed information regarding medical treatments, hospitals, and even doctors.  Doctors and hospitals can manage their personal profiles.  If a doctor needs to change hospitals, MEDiHERE can easily transfer their information.  You can even compare your medical information on your page to the newest medical trends on MEDiHERE’s medical newsfeed page.

Korea is famous for their plastic surgery and dermatology industry.  When you walk around Gangnam or Apgujeong, you can’t go a block without seeing some form of advertising related to plastic surgery.  MEDiHERE can provide the same service for them as well.

Their team includes some of the top branding specialists in Korea, as well as, plastic surgeons who have years of experience in the industry.  They are looking to become Korea’s top medical information O2O platform.  It aims to be the social network system for doctors in Korea.

John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Foresting.io. Email = john@startupradar.asia if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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  1. Thank you for your good article. We will do our best!

    “MEDiHERE – Credible Medical Information” is a medical O2O Platform to lead the innovation of medical information

    To put it in a sentence, “MEDiHERE – Credible Medical Information” is a medical information intermediation
    platform. It helps clients look through the details of the main fields of surgical procedures/doctors/hospitals.
    Everyone wants credible medical procedures of high-quality.
    The definition of ‘high-quality’ for MEDiHERE is that it can link clients to the major fields or areas of
    specialty, and the definition of ‘credible’ is that it provides transparent and detailed information/
    These two Key Services leads to “MEDiHERE – Credible Medical Information.”

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