Korean Startup Dot Creates the World’s First Braille Smartwatch

Korean IOT Startup Dot

There are close to 300 million visually impaired people all over the world.  More than 40 million of these people are blind.  However, there are not enough books in braille form.  One of the reasons is because it is too expensive to create braille books.  It is estimated that less than 1% of our books are translated into braille form.  There were devices for braille reading but there cost between $3,000 to $15,000.  Korean startup Dot has created the world’s first braille smartwatch and best of all, people can purchase it for less than $300.

Dot is the most affordable entry device for braille literacy.  It works much similar to an Apple watch.  Users can connect the device to your smartphone through Bluetooth connections.  Then you will be able to read your Facebook feeds, the time, or any text data.

How does it work?

Once you receive a message on your smartphone.  The message is sent to your Dot watch and the dots start popping up so you can read it.  Since this is an entry device there is a braille education system built in.

Now the visually impaired are excited to learn braille.  Dot is even looking to develop a dot pad which will be like a Kindle for blind people.  With this, there are many possibilities for learning.  They will be able to do math problems, navigate maps, and even visualize images.

Dot will be installing modules in bus stops and subway stations in Korea so blind people can know which buses and trains are coming.

Dot is a technology that gives equal opportunity and equal accessibility so that minority people and disabled people can get the help they need.

John Yoon

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