Korean startup Codibook: Get the best match for your fashion!

Fashion trend changes every day and everyone wants to keep up with the latest trends. Especially in Korea which has a big fashion industry.  These days people in their 20s or 30s, even students in their teens want to have fancy clothes in their closet.  They constantly keep looking for the flow of the latest fashion trends. Everyone has their own style that fits them the best, and if you are still looking for your style, Korean startup Codibook is going to give you tips to find the most suitable clothes for you.

What makes Codibook Special

Codibook gives you daily tips. Depending on what kind of aura you want, for example, a spring mood or modern office look, you can click on which articles you want to look at. They even provide you with a set of fashion items for a week.   All you have to do is look at the items, decide if you like it or not, and buy it. You can directly buy the clothes within the article and it will redirect you to the buying page with a simple click. If you are unsure which one is the most trendy one, you can use other famous sets of clothes as references. Codibook provides you several choices that people have already liked.

Codibook becomes your Stylist

If you are unsure how to match the items, Codibook will do it for you.  Everyday Codibook uploads new and different styles of fashion items. Using different items, make your own set of fashion codes. If you have one item that you love but don’t know how to match it with other items, use “related codi” as a reference. Using one item that you choose, it will provide you various choices on how you can wear it differently.

If you have chosen one that you like, but not so sure if it will suit you, ask your shopping mates. You can easily share the item with your friends using SNS, such as Facebook, Kakaotak, Instagram and or blogs. It can be done easily on your phone as there is also a mobile APP for Codibook. There’s nothing is stopping you from keep up with the latest fashion trends.

Chloe Han
Chloe Han

Chloe Han is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in Business Administration and English Literature and Language.

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