Korea Opens First Blockchain Cafe

The DeCentre Blockchain Café in Gangnam

Korean love coffee shops.  You can’t walk a block in Gangnam without seeing one.  Some even have special themes, like bookstore coffee shops, cat coffee shops, and even VR coffee shops.  However, the newest and most innovative café on the block is the new DeCentre blockchain cafe.  Seoul has always had a fever for crypto.  Why not combine Korea’s two favorite passions?

The DeCentre blockchain café, located in the heart of Gangnam, offers a space for crypto-enthusiasts to come together, share their knowledge and get updated on the latest blockchain news.

Despite the Korean government’s conservative views on blockchain technology, young people have been quick to adopt cryptocurrency and have a keen interest in ICO projects. Thanks to the DeCentre Blockchain Café, customers may even be able to pay for their iced americanos using cryptocurrency- a breakthrough for blockchain industries in Korea.

Many blockchain skeptics complain that the currency has no real life use. Projects like this blockchain café are important for promoting mass adoption of cryptocurrency.  As well as giving it real, concrete value. Even world-famous coffee-chain, Starbucks, plans on accepting Bitcoin as payment in its stores soon.

Professional Blockchain Accelerating/Marketing Company

When they’re not opening coffee shops, DeCentre acts as a professional blockchain Accelerating and Marketing company. It’s renowned in Korea for being made up of some of the country’s most experienced blockchain business experts. The company creates marketing strategies for cryptocurrencies, pre-sales, ICO and global promotion. Their work has been praised for helping to create synergy and community by linking businesses in blockchain.

DeCentre provides guidance on the basic guidelines for ICO preparation.  As well as, consults businesses on their initial token issue and allocation structures. They are also affiliated with global legal firms with experience in ICO.  Therefore they can give legal guidance to companies going through this vital procedure.

The DeCentre SMO, Mike Noh said:

“DeCentre Blockchain Cafe was started as the first blockchain cafe in Korea, allowing both crypto beginners and experts to learn more about blockchain technology from one another. Our café also provides information about blockchain technology and current status of markets.”,

“DeCentre plans to set up ATMs to exchange cryptocurrency into cash, provide education on blockchain and cryptocurrency, interact with companies, and provide ample networking opportunities.”

DeCentre is particularly well known in the Chinese cryptocurrency exchange scene. They are currently expanding their business globally by signing strategic partnerships with global cryptographic exchanges like CoinBene and BitForex.

“We opened ‘DeCentre BlockChain Cafe,’ an offline platform of DeCentre. The slogan of DeCentre Blockchain Cafe is ‘Meet Here’, and we expect many people to change the world by sharing information and creating communities through blockchain technology.” said David Lee, CEO at DeCentre

As for us, we’re excited to hear more about the future of Korea’s first blockchain café, and hope to see this trend continue around the world!

Nicole Arnott
Nicole Arnott

Nicole Arnott is a creative copywriter and content strategist hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. She's helped develop meaningful content for start-ups in a wide variety of industries from blockchain to beauty, and health and wellness. She's currently a global SNS marketer for the SNS blockchain company, Foresting, and editor at Startup Radar.

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