Korea Institute for International Policy – March 2019

The 4th Revolution in Korea

Today, every country in the world is faced with the 4th Industrial Revolution (AI), IoT (Internet), Robot, Drone, etc.

What kind of preparations and efforts is Korea doing in this age of infinite competition?

There are many challenges to be prepared for.  Starting with the issues of general welfare for the quality of life of the people, labor issues with interests, problems of unification of the North and South Korea, and issues for strengthening national competitiveness in all fields such as political economy, social culture.

World Federation of Power Leaders

In response to this demand, the WFPL, a research institute affiliated with the International Policy Research Institute (Chairman Lee Chi Su, current advisor to the World Federation of the World, president of the Korea Internet Newspaper Association,) decided to create an environment in which lawmakers in charge of the legislation of the Republic of Korea can work hard for the nation and the people can devote themselves to the political activities.

Also, in the announcement of the evaluation results on this day, one member of each standing committee, including the special committee of the National Assembly, was awarded the “Grand Prize of the WFPL National Assembly”.

World Federation of Young Leaders

In the meantime, many organizations have been evaluating the activities of lawmakers. The ‘WF innovation index method’ system introduced by the Institute for International Policy, a research institute affiliated with the World Federation of Young Leaders specialized as a system of professional evaluation of counseling activities.

The evaluation focuses on qualitative evaluation and quantitative evaluation of the legislation initiated by lawmakers, the public welfare legislation linked to the quality of life of the people, and the reform bill for securing national competitiveness. In addition, the members of the National Assembly are expected to evaluate the qualities of the public, from the quantitative evaluation to the quality of the people, from the legislative initiatives related to each field and the disposal legislation that failed to pass through various conditions. This is the essence of this evaluation.

The event, hosted by the Korea Institute for International Policy and Policy (KIEP), is sponsored by the World Federation of Youth Leaders, Korea Internet Newspaper Association, World Federation of Korean Press, International Youth Research Institute, SVE Movement Headquarters (School Violence Expulsion National Movement Headquarters) UN DPI / NGO), Korea Federation of Medical Care Organizations, Korea New Media Reporters Association, and World Yan Media Group.

Meanwhile, the International Policy Research Institute (IPRI) is a non-profit, politically neutral non-profit organization that is one of the research institutions affiliated with the World Federation of Young Leaders (WFPL).

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