K-Launchpad bringing Korean startups to Berlin!

The Korean Innovation Center Europe (KIC Europe) is collaborating with berlin-based coworking space Betahaus to bring Korean Startups to Europe!

Photographer: Dominik Tryba

The K-Launchpad program

“K-Launchpad is a program for B2B Startups and SMEs who are looking for opportunity to expand within European market. The Launchpad is focused on bringing the selected German corporate companies together with Startups & SMEs in order to develop business opportunities. ”


Startups in the following field can apply:

  • MOBILITY: Smart Mobility, Smart Vehicles, Enhanced User Experience
  • LOGISTICS: The Last Mile Solutions, Vehicle Sharing Services, Crowdsourced Logistics
  • IOT: IoT & Vehicles
  • SUPPLY CHAIN: SC Software, Big Data, Live Monitoring
  • MATERIALS: Innovations in Materials, Material Application, Energy Maintaining Materials
  • INDUSTRIAL MAINTENANCE: Predictive Maintenance, Energy Management, AI in Industry Automation

6 selected startups will be given the opportunity to attend an intensive program in Berlin to expand their businesses to the European market. Furthermore, the participants will receive mentorship and training by industry experts and professionals from Volkswagen, Deutsche Bahn, and many more!


Official Partners and Corporate Network for K-Launchpad

Arthur Hasselbach (Volkswagen)

Artur Hasselbach works as an investment and external innovation scout for Volkswagen, one of the largest automaker worldwide. He has been investing in B2B ventures for Volkswagen commercial vehicles, smart mobility and transport units.  Arthur is also Co-Founder for Korhal and Orderbird.

Onno Szillis (Deutsche Bahn)

As head of startup relations, Onno Szillis has been with the Deutsche Bahn (Germany’s biggest railway company) group since 2008 and has been actively driving the company forward collaborating with startups and hackers. He has set up the Deutsche Bahn ‘Mindbox’ and the accelerator of Deutsche Bahn AG focusing on digitalization and innovation in sectors such as train stations, vehicles, logistics, maintenance and operations.

Arthur and Onno are mentors for the K-Launchpad and will advise the participants in scheduled meetings throughout the program.


About the organizers

Photographer: Dominik Tryba

KIC Europe‘s main purpose is to bridge Innovation and Business between the European Union and South Korea. Therefore, the organization actively promotes the cooperation of Korean and European Businesses and has been setting up events that will contribute to  partnerships between governmental institutions and SME’s. Also, KIC Europe has been a partner for Korea Startup Grand Challenge (or K-Startup Grand Challenge), a project conducted and financed by NIPA (National IT Industry Promotion Agency) to promote the expansion of entrepreneurship in Asia.

Betahaus is one of the largest co-working spaces in Berlin and has partner locations in Barcelona, Sofia and other places around the world. Ranging 5,000 m2 over five floors, the co-working space has a community area, team rooms and meeting rooms. Also, it offers a hardware lab, a wood workshop, and a café. Before, Betahaus has hosted the Betapitch Seoul to bring more Korean startups to Europe. The team is motivated to find more opportunities to work with the Korean Startup Ecosystem in the future.


For more information about the K-Launchpad 2018, visit here!


Sue Nguyen

Sue is a Visual Content Creator and Social Media Manager at Startup Radar. She is a creative from Berlin and speaks 4 languages fluently. Message her in German, English, Korean or Vietnamese: sue@startupradar.asia

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