Investing in the Right AR/VR Startup

The VR Generation:  Everything on Demand

If we think back to a decade ago, nobody would think the three things I would take with me when I go out of my home would be…

1) My Phone

2) Keys

3) Wallet

However, now we can almost get rid of the wallet.  In reality, now the phone is all you need.  Our future generation will have everything on demand.  There will be no waiting, you just demand and you will get it right away. Whether it be your favorite cartoon show or face time with your best friend.

Investing in VR

When we talk about investing not just in VR but in general, the team is the most important thing we look for.  The key thing is that if you are doing some kind of application.  Or you are passionate about some technology and you have to have some expertise in that industry.  For example, if you are developing games you should be a gamer.  Because you will know why people will be addicted to certain games.  So if you are doing AR applications in the food industry or a car industry you have to know and pinpoint how your technology can solve the problem.  So when we talk to the teams they are not just passionate about one certain technology.  But know how they are going to solve a problem and take their company to the next level in 4-5 years.

As technology evolves so will your team. So by the end, if you don’t know what you exactly want to solve, you will usually become one of the startups that might end up failing.

The Challenges with AR/VR Technology Today

The challenges with AR/VR is that while everyone is fine with wearing glasses, no one really wants to wear goggles, even at home.  However what we can see now with smart glasses coming out is that it can solve the Google problem.  Because now you can still feel the virtual reality experiences without the hardware aspect. However, that might take some time before hardware companies can ship those products to every consumer.  Virtual reality does a great job of stimulating experiences or feelings which is why so many startups are focusing on gaming but if you think about the broader industries and form more content for industries other than gaming you will see the whole ecosystem become more complete and people will be able to adopt VR technologies more easily.

Jackey Wang
Jackey Wang

A full-time entrepreneur, part-time world traveler. A proud graduate of UC Berkeley in engineering. Passionate about innovation and you can often find her tackling great problems everywhere. Jackey is the co-founder of Tickle Labs and now is the 500 Startups’ venture partner in Taiwan.

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