Introducing the AI Financial Forecasting App KOSHO

Qarasoft Launches a New App Called KOSHO

Those in Korea looking to invest in cryptocurrencies in Korea need to get this app.  KOSHO is the world’s first AI financial forecasting application.  They offer an interactive quiz to predict the following week’s global markets.  For those newcomers that are interested in cryptocurrency trading, this would be a great way to start.  KOSHO uses a Deep Learning technology to analyze more than 30 years of market history and then finds the most relevant date in the past that matches the current stock and cryptocurrency markets.  It uses this data to forecast if the market will rise or fall in the following week.  The app is available in both English and Korean.  

Fintech Startup Qarasoft

Qarasoft is a fintech startup that provides online asset management services through the AI (Artificial Intelligence) Deep Learning technology.  Qarasoft’s main engine, Market Dreamer, powers both the B2B and B2C operations.   It is a Deep Learning technology, more specifically, the CNN VAE (Convolutional Neural Networks Variational Autoencoder) that has recorded 83.1% accuracy in the last year and 77.6% accuracy in the past two years.

Fintech Startup based in Seoul

Qarasoft is a fintech startup based in Seoul, South Korea.  They also have offices in Hong Kong and Singapore.  Their app is available in Taiwan as well.  The startup was founded in 2014 and now have over 30 employees.  They are the only online asset management service that uses AI and Deep Learning technologies in Korea.  Their main service is called KOSHO which forecasts the crypto and finance market.  This is the services that could end up being a huge hit in Korea which is crazy about crypto trading and having an edge over their competitors.  KOSHO aims to forecast if the market will rise or fall in the following week.

Why Use KOSHO?

The financial and especially the crypto market is always changing.  It is hard to keep up with the latest news and tips.  Also just understanding all the technical jargon can be overwhelming.  Who really has the time to research and study about all the Alt coins that are out there?  Most end up just going with their gut or hiring an expensive financial advisor.  KOSHO is here to help individual investors make better financial decisions and ensure they are equipped with accurate and substantial data.

How to use KOSHO

Simple and easy steps:

  1.  Download the KOSHO app for free in the Google Play Store or App Store.
  2. Open the app and choose from three different categories.  (Financial Indexes, Stocks, and Cryptocurrency).
  3. You guess if a particular stock or coin will go up or down the following week.
  4. If you are correct you will earn 2 coins.

For example, if you are interested in investing in Microsoft.  You would go to the “stocks” category and click on “Microsoft”.  You guess that it will be bullish in the following week.  If the AI agrees with you then you earn 2 coins.  If the AI disagrees with you, then you earn 1 coin.  With the coins earned you can purchase financial portfolios, Amazon gift coupons, or coffee coupons from Starbucks or your local convenience stores.  You can also read about why the AI thinks the market will go up or down.  It will also include live news reports related to the market.

The following are some key features of KOSHO:

  1. Analyzes over 30 years of market history and provides critical insights
  2. Predicts if the following weeks market will rise or fall
  3. Interactive quiz with AI
  4. Collect coins for rewards
  5. Purchase coupons and gift cards

To learn more about who Qarasoft is please visit their site at If you want to know more about their app (KOSHO), you can visit

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