Improve Privacy and Speed Up Transactions with Bitcoin Diamond

Introducing Bitcoin Diamond

In the 9-year’s development, Bitcoin’s price has climbed with everyone’s enthusiasm for the digital currency and recognition of the blockchain technology, but it also exposed a series of problems such as inadequate transfer privacy protection, long transfer time, and excessive transfer fees.  In order to solve these problems, Bitcoin Diamond emerged.

It added privacy protection functions, users are free to choose whether to hide the number of BCD of their own address and the amount during the transfer process, so as to protect their privacy and security.

So what exactly is Bitcoin Diamond and why is it becoming so popular these days?  The code used for Bitcoin Diamond is similar to Bitcoin Core.  The only drawback right now to this cryptocurrency is that there are not enough wallets to support it.  Bitcoin Diamond brings more anonymity, faster transaction times, and more tokens.

Blockchain in Gaming

BCD (Bitcoin Diamond)  has many partners in media, payment, cloud, storage, game and so on.  For example, the strategic cooperative media of this conference is also one of the important partners of BCD in the field of media.  GAME.COM is our partner in the game field.  With the gradual improvement of game development, BCD will be used to pay for game items.  BCD will even be integrated into the game.  Killing the BOSS in a game will get BCDs!  In the future, all of this will be realized.  In cloud storage, an important partner of BCD is AAC Chain.  BCD will deploy nodes on the hardware of AAC, making the BCD network more stable and secure.

Blockchain in Finance

I think the Blockchain has an epoch-making significance to the financial sector.  All financial products such as stocks, futures, funds, and so on can be implemented through Blockchain, making transactions more secure and transparent.  Blockchain can also make financial transactions more convenient and faster, allowing people from all over the world to participate in global finance through digital currencies.  BCD is also committed to becoming one of the mediums for global value transmission.  In the future, we hope BCD can buy financial products, virtual products, and even real diamonds.

Inchul Choi
Inchul Choi

Choi Inchul is the Korean Representative for Bitcoin Diamond. He was the previously the director of the Minister of Korean Investor Association and the representative for TOP HOLDINGS.

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