How to Vote for EOS Block Producers by EOS Asia

Introducing EOS Asia Voting Portal!  An Easy and user-friendly way to vote for EOS Block Producers with Scatter


EOS Mainnet is LIVE!

The mainnet is now live and in the voting stage, the question that a lot of EOS holders are asking is…how do we vote for EOS Block Producers?

This is by far the most frequently asked question these days by EOS holders, and the purpose for this post is to help you find the most secure and easy way to vote (we at EOS Asia have researched them all).  Furthermore, only with your help can we maintain a fair and democratic chain that is going to make EOSIO for example to any Blockchain project that’s going to be available in the future while taking part to one of the most ambitious projects ever seen!

Vote to activate the chain, vote to have a chain that is going to be maintained by the best Block Producers in the world and vote to be part of history that’s created by YOU!

EOS ASIA Voting Portal

The EOS Asia Voting Portal is the easiest, most secure, and fastest way to vote on the EOS Blockchain.

DISCLAIMER: uses Scatter.  Scatter is a way to sign EOS transactions and provide private data without exposing keys and unnecessary information while interacting with web applications.  Therefore, Scatter is one of the most secure and easiest-to-use wallets in the EOS ecosystem.  In addition, EOS Asia’s voting tool will never ask for private keys.  Therefore, if you encounter a fake portal, please report it to us.


  1.  Download and set up Scatter
  2.  Go to (We’ve built the simplest interface possible)
  3.  Vote!

Step by Step Guide

Step 1:  Download Scatter 

Visit or and download the Scatter plugin for Chrome

Step 2:  Verify Scatter

Verify Scatter using the developer option of Chrome.  (Make sure you have the official version of Scatter before using it)

  • Go to chrome://extensions/
  • Turn on Dev mode on the top right of the page
  • Verify that the ID of Scatter is the same as the one below:
  • ammjpmhgckkpcamddpolhchgomcojkle

Step 3:  Create a Scatter Account

Click on the Scatter icon in the plugins section of Chrome.  Insert a password that’s going to be used to access your account and select “Create New Scatter”.

Immediately after this step, write down the mnemonic phrases and store them in a safe place.

Vote for EOS Block Producers

Step 4:  Enter your EOS Keys

In the menu “Key Pairs”, enter your EOS Private and Public Keys.  Furthermore, give your keys a name so you’ll know which one it is.

(Remember, if you do not feel comfortable to use Scatter you don’t need to vote this way.  Scatter is currently one of the tools we suggest since we’ve verified it and since we know the founder.)

Step 5:  Attach Identity to EOS Asia Voting Portal

This step is going to import the Mainnet network to your Scatter and attach your Identity to the Voting Portal.

  • Go to and select “Attach Identity”

  • Accept the Network Add Request

  • Select your Identity and Accept the Identity Request

EOS Asia

Step 6:  Link your Wallet to your Scatter Identity

  • Open Scatter and click on the Identity Menu
  • Edit the Identity that Scatter created for you, or create a New Identity
  • In the Account section select the EOS Mainnet chain which should:  eos:chain:aca376f206b8fc25a6ed44dbdc66547c36c6c33e3a119ffbeaef943642f0e906
  • In the same section, select your wallet and click “Import” to let Scatter search for accounts
  • When the account is found it will let you select permissions.  We suggest selecting the Active EOS permissions
  • Once you’re done remember to Save in the top right of the Scatter Menu

Step 7:  Vote

Now we’re finally at the most exciting part, voting!

EOS Asia

  • Open EOS Asia voting portal:
  • Enter your account name. This should be a string of characters such as “hezdszjogegc”
  • Select up to 30 BPs using the checkboxes.
  • Once you’ve finished selecting, click on the “Vote” button and you’re done!


Twitter @EOSAsia_one

Vote for EOS ASIA

Joseph Fanelli
Joseph Fanelli

Joseph is the founder of EOS Link, EOS Go China ambassador, guest writer for NEO City of Zion, and cofounder of Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music, overseeing large projects and taking the helm of NIO Capital’s online presence, all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia. With EOS Link, Joseph seeks to bridge the gap between Block Producer candidates around the world and especially between East and West. Through EOS Link, he has coordinated efforts and provided technical support to multiple Block Producer applicants. With a love for EOS and a relentless drive to push the EOS community forward, he teamed up with Dafeng to create EOS Asia. He offers not only milestone contributions at the technical level but also valuable perspective for our communities.

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