How Mobike Expands to International Markets

Moving into International Markets

mobike international marketsMobike is operating in 12 countries and 16 cities outside of China.  Every day there are 30 terabytes of data generated from those cities.   If you combine China we are in over 200 cities.  Our daily production capacity of our factory is 100,000 units, so as we dropped bikes into China we are not capacity constrained as we move into international markets.

There are 7 million + bicycles in deployment right now.  We are probably the most connected transportation sharing company in the world.  There are 30 million bike rides per day.  We have 200,000,000+ users in 18 months of activation.  A vast majority of them are in China but what that does prove is the model works.

What is interesting in what MoBike is trying to do is that we are trying to move from China to other regions as well.  The way we do that is by respecting the rules and laws of each country we go into.  We are expanding worldwide.  So far we have hit 11 other countries in only 5-6 months.    We will have at least 20 countries of operation when we hit our 24-month mark.

Working with the Government

mobike koreaThe elephant in the room is how you go to be a responsible bikeshare.  It is very very critical for this business model to work that we work with the government.  As well as provide a valuable service to our riders as well.  In order to make that happen, we have to make sure the bicycles are in place as well as parking is in place.  We want to make sure that our riders park in the proper places.  If you are putting a large number of bicycles into a city, you’ve got to provide an area for people to park.  Since our bikes are GPS enabled we can see when our bikes are in locations they shouldn’t be.  However not only are we putting bicycles in dense areas but we are also putting them at the very last mile as well.

James Kyle
James Kyle

Kyle runs Mobike's International Program Management Office. Kyle is tasked with helping Mobike achieve their international expansion goals.

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