How Korean Startups Can Enter New Markets in 5 Steps

Transformify can help Korean startups enter new markets on a tight budget and boost their revenue.  Running a startup in Korea can be hard and the local market does not allow for you to reach your full potential.  Therefore Korean startups need to start to think about expanding their business abroad.  However, this can be a very hard task for Korean startups.  It will require a lot of banning and resources.  This is where Transformify can help.  Korean Startups can enter new markets following these 5 steps.

Step 1:  Global Workforce

Hire the top freelancers, sales, marketing experts through Transformify to validate your market.

Step 2:  Save on Costs

No need to incorporate a subsidiary, pay legal, payroll, etc.  Transformify partners with a number of organizations providing payroll and “umbrella” solutions.

Step 3:  Save on Rent

Choose a co-working space and benefit from the premium offers of Transformify partners.  There are a number of co-working/co-living space providers and Transformify constantly adds more to their Service Store.

Step 4:  Save on Fees

B2B – Receive an invoice from Transformify and transfer secure payments worldwide.

Step 5:  Market Validation

Incorporate, employ directly your team, and grow as fast as you can!

All Korean startups are welcome to publish articles on Transformify blog.  Links to the published articles are included in the newsletters, shared via social media, and etc.  Transformify blog administrators reserve the right not to publish an article at their discretion.  Korean startups can also be listed in Transformify’s Service Store in order to attract new clients and boost brand awareness.  Finally, Korean startups can even join Transformify’s Affiliate program to secure a new revenue channel.

Lilia Stoyanov
Lilia Stoyanov

Lilia is the CEO at Transformify and an Angel investor. She is a Senior Executive with 10+ years of experience, managed global operations at Coca-Cola Enterprises and Skrill/ Paysafe. Digital Transformation and Fintech expert. Expertise in FMCG, Financial Services.


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