Guided Imports: Helping Businesses get Products Manufactured in China

Helping Businesses get Products Manufactured in China

I am the founder and CEO of Guided Imports.  We are a sourcing company which means we help businesses get products manufactured in China.  Our focus is e-commerce companies.  Companies that are growing massively on e-commerce platforms.  We are the team on the ground that works with their factories and handles their entire supply chain to allow these businesses to keep growing.  Therefore allowing us to focus on getting their products actually made.

The e-commerce game

If you look at the U.S., they are growing and growing in their e-commerce game.  It is becoming a lot easier for individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, to have a very easy low barrier to entry to get into e-commerce.  Once there you can get a product manufacturer and start selling it.  Where we are is in the middle of working with our clients in the U.S. and working with factories in China.  So the majority of our team is in Shenzhen China.  Therefore we act as that communication bridge.  So there are always difficulties and issues that take place with communication when you are dealing with different cultural business practices.  Therefore we do our best to bridge those gaps.  However, it is going to be a constant struggle just because there are cultures that are always causing various boundaries.

Sam Boyd
Sam Boyd

Sam Boyd is the founder and CEO of Guided Imports, a sourcing company that helps businesses get products manufactured from Asia. Guided Imports simplifies the process of finding and working with factories, by leveraging their team and resources on the ground, and using software to offer a comprehensive service that helps businesses improve the way they work with factories.

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