Gravity Sketch: Changing the World of Design

Gravity Sketch a Multiplatform

Gravity Sketch is not really a virtual reality software, it is not an augmented reality software, it is multiplatform.  It is just this software that lives there and then it can be opened and at all times in your life, it can be creating.  So you can be on the tube and be designing but then you can go to your office and keep on creating.  Even create with someone else in another part of the world on their tablet.  Gravity Sketch will change the world of design.

Leading Software in the Industry

world of designThe different way which we’ve approached 3D design has allowed us to be one of the leading software in the industry at the moment.  So we have over 4,000 users already creating in Gravity Sketch and we have people from the car industry all the way to the film industry creating spaceships for their next movie.  We also have over 120,000 users on our tablet version which is normal because VR is really new and not everyone has a VR headset but most have Ipads.    We are now working with 5 automotive companies who are actually using Gravity Sketch to actually design the next cars they are going to be driving.  It is quite amazing for us to be creating a tool that allows people to just speed up their design process by 60%.  We’ve been covered a lot by the media because we are really doing something that is different.  We really believe we are going to change the world of design.

The Automotive Design Market

So the opportunity is very big, there are different markets that can be using Gravity Sketch and they are already doing it a certain way.  So we decided to focus on the design market first in order to first grow.  Mainly in the automotive design market because those are the people who are already using virtual reality headsets in their workflow.  What once started as a gaming platform, VR is cascading into the B2B market which is very interesting.

Why the automotive market?

It is one of the most conservative industries.  They are still using clay models for example.  So it goes from sketching on paper then it gets sent to another person or people that are going to be interpreting those 2D sketches into 3D.  Then a 3D model is created on the computer.  This process usually goes back and forth for about 3 weeks.  After finalization, it then gets passed to be created in a clay model.  So all of this takes a long time and a lot of money to create a car or even just an idea that will be presented in an upcoming presentation.

But with Gravity Sketch, that does not need to happen anymore.  The people that have been sketching in 2D, now are sketching in 3D, therefore they are creating the 3D models.  They don’t need to have another person interpret their ideas as their 2D ideas and transform it into 3D.  It is just one person doing one thing in one day.  Therefore it is saving a lot of time and a lot of money.

Where are we headed?

Right now we are working with the enterprise companies.  Really tailoring the software, making it as useful as possible for their industry.  Eventually, we are going to be shifting to other industries, to design consultancies, to other design companies.  Eventually, we are going to be the go-to tool for creating 3D content.

Daniela Fuentes
Daniela Fuentes

Daniela is the Co-Founder of Gravity Sketch. As an innovation designer, she bridges science, engineering, and design. As an entrepreneur, she pushes to build ideas into successful realities. She is particularly interested in the human aspect of technology and the incredible possibilities our digital identities can bring to future products and services.

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