Gravity Sketch Brings Craft into the Digital Tools

Create like never before with Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch allows people to just go in and create.  Before, people were constricted by the complex software and tools.  Gravity Sketch brings a bit of craft into the digital tools.  You can just go into the virtual environment, think about something and give it a go.  It is very easy.  Also, it is very immediate.

We always compare it to LEGO.  With LEGO you have these building blocks that you can just put together and create something really basic.  Same with Gravity Sketch where you can understand it easily, but it also depends on how deep you go in regards to how complex your creation is going to be.

Fully Immersive Technology

Gravity Sketch is intuitive as well.  It is fully immersive, so it works with virtual reality and augmented reality.  Why did do we make such a big emphasis on these technologies?  It is just because it is allowing people to create in space.  You don’t need to have a 3D idea and deconstruct it and put it into different instructions in the computer and then put it in a 2D screen.  Right now you can just be sketching in the real 3D environment.  So it makes it really easy for people to understand what they are doing.

Connecting People from All Around the World

It is real-time creation.  What are you thinking? The kinds of strokes you make?  What you see is what you get.  How you move is how you create.  Also, you can have different people from different parts of the world creating in the same virtual environment which is really amazing.  We have people in the car industry who are working in China, U.S., and London, and they are creating the same car all at once.  It also integrates with CAD, we really don’t want it to be a tool that doesn’t communicate with the other tools that people use in their regular workflow.

It is also multiplatform, why is this really important?  Because virtual reality and augmented reality are still not there yet in terms they are not available in every office.  VR/AR is not there yet so we need to create something that will allow people to basically move from their computer to virtual reality and then go back.  Gravity Sketch makes this possible and truly gives the craft into the digital tools.

Daniela Fuentes
Daniela Fuentes

Daniela is the Co-Founder of Gravity Sketch. As an innovation designer, she bridges science, engineering, and design. As an entrepreneur, she pushes to build ideas into successful realities. She is particularly interested in the human aspect of technology and the incredible possibilities our digital identities can bring to future products and services.

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