Get Your Highest TOEIC score with Korean Startup Santa Toeic

TOEIC scores have been one of the must-have certificates among job applicants.  Even for those who are preparing to go abroad to study. Usually, there are minimum limit requirements which is why people are spending tons of time to raise their scores above that line. Among thousands of lectures and sample questions, people in Korea tend to suffer from the flood of information. However, it does not happen for Santa Toeic users.  Korean startup Santa Toeic helps you improve your TOEIC scores.

What Santa Toeic provides you

The mechanism Santa Toeic has is unique. Santa Toeic analyzed 450,000 study data and 30 million answer data. After using machine learning, it created its own algorithm to predict if you are going to get the answer right or wrong.  This is even before you answer the question. Therefore, It gets rid of the questions that you will get right for sure. It rather will bring you only the questions that is necessary for you to know how to get it right.  Also, you don’t have to take lectures that has its own set of orders. It will suggest you only the lectures you need.  They will base this on how you’ve been studying among hundreds of lectures.

It provides a customized curriculum only for you. Every second, it calculates how your score can rise the fastest and most efficiently.  They will also suggest what problem sets you need to work on and what lectures you need to take. Therefore, helping you get the fastest time and the highest score.

Features of Santa Toeic

  1. Ability analysis: It will analyze your current TOEIC skills and ability and will give you prediction for the score, rates of each part etc.
  2. 13000 problem sets in every part: Throughout part 1-7, there are more than thousand problem sets and latest trend problem sets are updated every time.
  3. 500 lectures in every part: Throughout part 1-7, more than 500 lectures are prepared and related notes will be given regarding each lecture.
  4. A note of the wrong answers: Every problem sets and lectures you took are saved automatically and you can retake it using filters whenever you want.
  5. Santa Voca: 1,100 vocabularies that will be on tests will be given to the users and will help you memorize those effectively using theories.
  6. Specialties: Sample questions from previous TOEIC tests and other tips will be provided.

Already more than 250,000 people are using this services and they showed high satisfaction using Santatoeic. If you need to have higher TOEIC score in a short period, take a look at how Santa Toeic will benefit you.

Chloe Han
Chloe Han

Chloe Han is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in Business Administration and English Literature and Language.

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