Gangnam Seran Clinic Looks to Help with Angular Deformity

What is Angular Deformity?

What many might not realize is that angular deformities of the legs are common amongst children.  During childhood, it is seen as a benign condition that can alter the normal growth pattern.  If the deformities cause pain, systemic disorders, stiffness in the joints, or syndromes it may require treatment.  The correction for angular deformity is a “necessity not just for the change of the child’s appearance. But for the prevention of arthritis.  Gangnam Seran Clinic looks to solve this problem.

Everyone wants to have beautiful, straight legs. Majority of people think the cause of angular deformities is the curving of bones. However, most of them are due to the problem of muscles and ligaments rather than the alignment of the bones resulting in O, X shaped legs.

Gangnam Seran ClinicAs shown in the figure, it refers to a condition where the line, the bone under the knee between the femur and the tibia, is deviated from the original angle.

Correcting Angular Deformity

There are some people who have had angular deformities since childhood, but some people get angular deformities with age. In this case, there may be a problem with the pelvis or a problem with the way they walk.

There are not many people who know that the correction of angular deformity is necessary to prevent arthritis and change their appearance.

Kim Soo Yeon, Deputy Chairman of Gangnam Seran Clinic, a specialist in angular deformity  treatment, said, “It’s necessary to correct angular deformity because it is not only a problem with in regards to appearance but also for the patient’s health. As the knee joints become distorted, they undergo a ton of internal pressure and damage to the medial cartilage. Osteoarthritis can also occur at younger ages when the tines are left for a long time.”

angular deformityIt is recommended that you get diagnosed from a medical staff at a special hospital.  Instead of at a regular center or an unproven massage center.  This is because angular deformities should be approached to prevent arthritis prevention and systemic imbalance.

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