Frequently Asked Questions for EOS by EOS Asia

Dafeng Guo and Joseph Fanelli have been hard at work answering many technical questions for EOS.  We will list them here and will continue to update so check back at any time.


Dafeng is a lifelong technologist with a deep passion for Blockchain, he brings world-class technical capabilities to EOS Asia.  As the co-founder and CTO of Strikingly, one of the world’s top publishing platforms.  Dafeng has architected systems that serve millions of users and billions of page views.  He was named Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP in 2017.  As the co-founder at Strikingly, he was accepted into Y Combinator’s W13 batch.  Dafeng has previously developed trading systems and infrastructure at Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, and Yahoo.  He received his BS in Computer Science at CUHK.


Joseph graduated from TongJi university with a background in Finance with astute skills in Computer Science.  Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music managing large projects and took the helm of conglomerate NIO Capital’s online presence all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia.  He is now the founder of EOS Link, and the member of EOS Go and of the City of Zion.  His goal with the EOS Link project is to link the Chinese community to communicate with overseas communities and on becoming Block Producers.  

When will EOS Gems go live?  

Q3 of 2018.

How does one join emlg, ie apply for producer candidacy? 

Everyone can become a BP, just prepare an economic model and an introduction on Steemit then apply in the EOS Go BP portal.

How many BPs can I vote for? 

You can vote up to 30 BPs, each voted BP will have the value of the EOS token.

What is Scatter? 

Scatter is an EOS Wallet.

Are EOS Tokens staked by default upon chain launch? 

Yes.  You can unstake after launch when 15% of tokens have voted.  It was staked so you can participate in voting.

We vote for the 21bp, the coin has to be frozen for a while, but the vote is always on, so does that mean if I want to vote all the time, my coin is actually frozen forever?  (regarding that if I don’t vote, the weight of my vote will be decreased, so the best choice for me is to vote all the time.  But no one wants to be frozen all the time.) 

Correct.  The token needs to be staked to vote.  You can always unstake when you don’t want to vote anymore.

How do you register a new account?  

Scatter is a EOS wallet, so when you create a new wallet over there you’re getting a EOS account.

How can I check the EOS balance on the mainnet? 

You can check with

Can we withdraw EOS from Binance to vote now?  

No, the chain needs to be active first.

Can I vote if my EOS is now stored in Kraken? 

Unfortunately, you can’t vote with your tokens in Kraken, you will have to wait for the mainnet to be activated then you can withdraw and vote.

What is the minimum amount to stake? 

It depends on how much you want to use cpu and ram.  To start with, you can stake .001 EOS.  These can be changed later.

Will the toolkit remain a web app or is there somewhere down the roadmap for a standalone destop app? 

At the moment EOS Asia is planning to finish the Web version, first, maybe in the future, we will consider a desktop version.  Web version is more easy to access.  There are no security problems to be considered as we only use secondary access from apps like scatter or in the future the ledger nano s and we will never ask things like private keys like MEW does, this way it protects you from phishing & malicious portals.

John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Email = if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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