EOS Gems Coming Soon!

Introducing EOS Gems

EOS Asia is one of the few EOS Block Producer Candidates that have the technical ability to create their own dApps.  One of those is called EOS Gems.

The inspiration for EOS Gems came from when we were building the EOS Asia site which features a huge rotating 3D Chestahedron of the EOS logo.  When you run your mouse over it, it moves around and follows the mouse.  It was really fun for us to build the website and play with the logo, but after we built it we couldn’t stop playing with it.  So we thought why not just give every EOS lover a chance to own a gem like this.

EOS Gem characteristics

The EOS gems will come in different shapes and colors.  They will also have different properties.  They can even be mined or fused to create new gems and these new gems will have totally new characteristics.  The EOS community will be able to trade these gems or give it away as a gift.  Every single gem will have a very nice showcase so you can showcase your gem to the world.

The website will be used as the interface for the EOS Gems.  It would awesome for every EOS site to have these specialized EOS gems.  It is unique and could be a symbol to bring the community together.

dApps will take EOS Mainstream

I have a strong passion for EOS and will strive to make the EOS community better.  Myself, as well as all of the EOS Asia team, believe that in order to make Blockchain technology mainstream so that everyone can use it the platform really needs to have killer dApps.

The reason Vitalik created Ethereum was that he was playing World of Warcraft and one of the characters he really liked significantly got reduced.  Blizzard decided that that particular character didn’t need to have so much power anymore.  Vitalik was very frustrated because that was the only character he was able to play at a high level.  He felt there needed to be a game that was more maintained by the community and that if I have a particular character it will always be there.

The same can be applied with the gems.  If anyone owns a gem, it should be theirs forever.  It is a contract between the gamer and the game.  If the game decided to break the contract the gamers lose trust in the game.  With gems and cryptoKittes, one big thing is immutability.  This thing becomes an asset.  If a gem is really rare and it’s proven to be rare because the math behind it is there in the contract and nobody can change it.  We will restrict the number of gems that can come out at a given period of time.

Therefore we are bringing in a lot of people who have a lot of gaming experience than ourselves.  We have an advisor who has already built a mobile game with over 60 million downloads.  We need to start somewhere for blockchain gaming and gems and cryptoKittes are a great way to start and get the mainstream involved.

Dafeng Guo
Dafeng Guo

Dafeng is co-founder and CTO of Strikingly, where he graduated from Y Combinator in 2013. A successful serial entrepreneur, he previously has created Facebook apps with more than 20 million users. Dafeng began coding when he was 14 years old and has since been deeply involved in the technical community. He has spoken at various technical conferences including QCon, SDCC, Computing Conference, RubyConf, and JSConf. In 2017, Dafeng was awarded as Alibaba Cloud Tech MVP for his contribution to the cloud computing community in China. As a blockchain and EOS enthusiast, Dafeng is committed to contributing his technical insight and passion to the EOS community.

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