Enjoy Smart Trade Platform: Korean Startup Tradlinx

In this global world, ‘trade’ is essential. However, trade markets of today have many problems. Exporters have to compare the freight schedule one by one, and they cannot even track their cargoes. Korean startup Tradlinx can solve this problem.

Korean startup Tradlinx

Tradlinx is a trade distribution platform that covers the whole processes of export and import. The aim of the company is to connect all of the trade markets around the world. Here are some services that Tradlinx provides.


1. Quotation offering

Before proceeding their exportation, many firms receive quotations from distribution companies. However, it is difficult to know how those prices are arranged or whether the expenses are moderate or not. That is, the pricing process is unclear. Moreover, the quotes by different firms vary a lot, even with the same route.

Tradlinx solves the problem by offering simple and speedy quotations. If users enter some information such as the route or cargo data, they can get several quotes within 24 hours. Firms can cut the costs because Tradlinx offers reasonable estimates, which is about 20% cheaper than the normal price. Also, the service also provides comparative estimates between a number of distribution corporations. Users can draw a comparison for not only expenses but also the time required and the routes taken. They no longer have to visit various websites and compare them one by one.

2. Simple management of documents

With Tradlinx, people don’t have to carry several disordered documents anymore. Tradlinx provides a list of required documents in advance, and let firms simply handles them online.

3. Record keeping

Tradlinx shows people their records of exports and imports. With the service, users don’t have to rummage a drawer to search for their history. Also, if they want to use the same distribution service on equal terms with the past, they can arrange the request with a single click on the Tradlinx website.

4. Freight monitoring system

In today’s trade system, it is difficult to know where my freight is, or whether it has arrived or not. Tradlinx solves this problem by offering freight monitoring system. When the cargo has departed or arrived, users can get email and text messages. Moreover, they can even track the location of their goods in real time.

If you want to utilize smart trade services, try using Tradlinx!

Minjoo Park
Minjoo Park

Minjoo Park is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in business administration.

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