Cryptocurrency Tuesday 3/6/2018

Cryptocurrency Tuesday 3/6/2018

The biggest news this week is with Ripple and the possible partnership with Coinbase one of the largest digital exchange platforms.  Most of the cryptocurrencies are down this week but not as much as last week.  Also on a fun note the Webster’s dictionary has added cryptocurrency and Initial Coin Offering to their vocabulary.  What kind of trends will we see this week?  Here are the top 20 cryptocurrencies and the amount of movement compared to last week.


  1.  Bitcoin (12,484,366 Won) (+7.1%)
  2.  Ethereum (919,299 Won) (-3.9%)
  3.  Ripple (1,029 Won) (+.6%)
  4.  Bitcoin Cash  (1,365,477 Won) (+1.4%)
  5.  Cardano   (319 Won) (-11.7%)
  6.  Litecoin  (227,399 Won) (-3.9%)
  7.  NEM  (379 Won) (-14.7%)
  8.  Stellar (378 Won) (-.8%)
  9.  EOS (8,654 Won) (-8.1%)
  10.  NEO  (120,705 Won) (-21.9%)
  11.  IOTA (2,026 Won) (-5.9%)
  12.  Dash (661,723 Won) (-.7%)
  13.  Monero (401,991 Won) (+19.3%)
  14.  TRON (50 Won) (+8%)
  15.  Bitcoin Gold (117,472 Won) (-10.1%)
  16.  ICON  (3,858 Won) (-9%)
  17.  QTUM (30,182 Won) (28,678 Won) (-5%)
  18.  Ethereum Classic (28,904 Won) (-25.6%)
  19.  Lisk (19,840 Won) (-8%)
  20.  Steem (3,763 Won) (3,739 Won) (-.7%)

Top 3 Risers

  1.  Monero:  Monero has been having a great February.  The rise in price is likely because of the upcoming hard fork that will happen on March 14. MoneroV will be spawned and holders of Monero will get a 10x bonus of XMV tokens.
  2.  TRON:  Their main advantage is in tech and the founder of TRON had announced a few days ago, the main net of TRON will be launched in advance.
  3.  Bitcoin: There is news that PayPal might be using bitcoin in the future.

Bottom 3 Fallers

  1.  Ethereum Classic:  No real news as to why the price is falling.
  2.  NEO:  Focused mainly on apps.  Could this show that blockchain for apps might not work?
  3.  NEM:  $530 million in theft has left NEM falling for the second week in a row!
John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Email = if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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