Chemistry Lessons in Virtual Reality

MEL Science has created chemistry lessons in virtual reality.  In May of 2017, we released 6 lessons in virtual reality for the DayDream Platform.  In early December we released another 16 for Daydream cardboard and Samsung Gear VR.  Those lessons align with school curriculums so in 2018 we will make another 60 lessons to cover the whole school program.  MEL Science also has a teachers mode, where the teachers can actually control the flow of the lesson from his tablet.

Hands-on experience is the best tool for learning that is out there.  Virtually reality is pretty much all about hands-on experiences.  You can immerse yourself and do things with your own hands that you have never done before.  Just by putting the headset on.  In order to learn anything, you have to study the basic concepts first.

Virtual reality actually comes out to be a great solution for that.  But how do you actually visualize something as small as an atom or a molecule?  This is exactly the problem we are trying to solve.  So the past few years we talked a lot with teachers and students and found out that the problems they are dealing with are visualizing the hard concepts of chemistry.  For those students who are more on the visual side, it is really hard to understand what is going on because teachers are really limited to their tools to explain things.

Fedor Katrukha
Fedor Katrukha

Fedor Katrukha started his career in internet in one of the largest Russian e-commerce holdings - KupiVip in 2012, after he co-founded first designer oriented shopping club in Russia -, since autumn of 2017 he is leading all marketing activities in subscription-based educational startup MEL Science.

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