Building Bridges – Seoul to Tel Aviv: Episode 5 Trusti and Buff Game

As part of our initiative to put the spotlight on startups in Korea and beyond, the Startup Radar Team recently traveled to Israel where we were fortunate enough to meet some of the countries most innovative startups. The Building Bridges series will focus on the most promising talent we met. As well as this, we want to share some of the lessons that we learned from these businesses. Hopefully, you can use some of them in your startup strategy.

In this episode, we’re going to be featuring Trusti and Buff Game: two blockchain based startups who’re reinventing the way we look at tech!


Trusti helps their users to create accredited cryptocurrency wallets with state of the art security protection. These wallets will help do the following:

  • Facilitate secure blockchain transactions
  • Prevent fraudulent practices
  • Allow both private and governmental organizations to create their own branded wallets

Because these wallets are built with compliance in mind, the creators can be sure that they’re meeting all authority regulations. This covers enterprise requirements such as financial KYC, individual’s data protection, and certification.

6% of all the Bitcoin in the world has been stolen at least once. Secure crypto storage options like this can give the world more confidence in cryptocurrency.

The team has worked hard to create a wallet system that isn’t just compliant.  It also has the user experience in mind, too. This is an approach that all startups should consider when they create their products.

The Startup Radar team met Trusti at their Tel Aviv HQ.  We were welcomed with fresh fruit and delicious sandwiches.  We were able to sit down with Trusti CEO Zachary Swerdlow, Chief Technology Officer Ronen Lahat, Investor Relations Laura Buki, and Chief Operations Officer Oliver Worth.  After watching a short presentation about their services, we talked about the blockchain startup scenes in Israel and South Korea.

COO at Trusti Oliver Worth

The team’s office is located in a prime area of Tel Aviv, in the same building as First Digital Assets Group, who was featured in Episode 3 of the Building Bridges series.


Love playing games? Want to get real rewards for playing? Then, let us introduce you to Buff Game. Buff is a loyalty platform for games that use a rewards-based token system. The decentralized platform has created a scheme for gamers to accumulate BUFF coins through the blockchain for doing what they love the most- gaming.

This approach gives gamers a chance to make money from their hobby. It also brings game producers the benefit of more loyal users, too.  We sat down with Ophir Gertner who is in charge of the BizDev side as well as Elay De Beer the CEO at BUFF to speak more about why Korea specifically is the right target market for BUFF.

Much like Trusti, Buff Game also operates its system with the user experience in mind. None of the coin accumulation processes interfere with the gameplay.

The traditional game economy only sees real money going from gamers to game publishers. Some game publishers also gain additional revenue for ads that gamers need to watch, obstructing their overall gaming experience.

Buff changes this by allowing gamers to independently gain rewards for gaming. This helps the game publishers increase their revenue thanks to gamer loyalty.

We think that this idea will really kick off in Korea, where gaming and crypto are two of the nation’s favorite past times. However, following the controversies of gaming addiction in Korean teens, we know that it would need to be heavily regulated by government officials.

Importance of User Experience for Startups

One of the main lessons we learned from these companies is how user experience can help make or break a startup product. At the end of the day, it’s the users who’re going to buy and use your product or service- aka put money in your tills! Make sure that they’re at the forefront of every decision you make. Otherwise, you’ll get left by the roadside.

So, before you head off today, leave us a comment and let us know:

What do you think is the most important component of the User Experience?

Nicole Arnott
Nicole Arnott

Nicole Arnott is a creative copywriter and content strategist hailing from Glasgow, Scotland. She's helped develop meaningful content for start-ups in a wide variety of industries from blockchain to beauty, and health and wellness. She's currently a global SNS marketer for the SNS blockchain company, Foresting, and editor at Startup Radar.

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