Blockchain Based Video Sharing Rewards Platform Viewo

A Revolutionary Blockchain based Video Streaming Technology Company

Viewo is going to change how video is shared.  Viewo is a revolutionary blockchain based video sharing platform.  We are a Hong Kong Blockchain company with offices in Israel and Los Angeles.  The team includes Rani Grinberg (COO) and myself, who have a proven track record of success in various areas of business. Additionally, the project has top quality advisors including Professor Joseph Ben Dak who founded the Science and Technology Department at the UN, and Rumen Slavchov – a top 10 ICO advisor. The ICO Bench rating of Viewo is 4.5 of 5.

Some of our innovations include:

  • a custom-made blockchain based rewards video sharing platform backed by over 150 top influencers with millions of followers
  • POEW (Proof of Encoding Work) mining
  • ultra-low latency (bufferless) streaming of live events with the ability to manipulate the feed real-time
  • B2B private video serving with infrastructure.

Get Rewarded

ViewoViewo’s blockchain based rewards platform is backed by over 150 top influencers with millions of followers. Furthermore, we reward users based on their actions including uploading, sharing, liking, commenting, watching, and moderating videos. In addition, with the earned VEO tokens, users can buy private content including entertainment videos, education courses, other digital products, and hopefully exchange the tokens for fiat via exchanges.

Another revolutionary technology that Viewo has invented is an off-channel payment system for Ethereum, integrated with a web wallet (already created in Alpha). Currently, if a user watches a video on YouTube and shares it on Facebook; comments, likes, and reviews are accrued. However, these participants don’t receive any rewards or incentives for their actions. Therefore, our value proposition is that people should simply use our platform over the current choices.  That way they can be rewarded for the actions they’re doing anyway.

ViewoWhat Separates Viewo From the Rest?

Until now, virtually all video sharing ICOs have used white label platforms or attempted pure P2P video sharing. The Viewo platform is completely custom.  Furthermore, we have a JV in place with Peer5, the world’s largest Peer-to-Peer video distribution network. Therefore, while other platforms fail to buffer in a pure P2P environment, Viewo leverages Peer5’s technology and instantly switches back a traditional CDN when our software detects a potential buffering issue. This means we’re the first platform to utilize P2P without buffering delays!

The next problem with other new platforms is content. None of the ICO platforms have high-quality content (what’s the point of building a video sharing platform if no one wants to use it). Viewo has deals with MCNs (Multi-Channel Networks) and hundreds of influencers to seed our platform with the most viral and interesting content on the web (including celebrity content).

POEW (Proof of Encoding Work) Explained

Regarding our mining technology, it’s called POEW (Proof of Encoding Work).  It’s a solution to the mining crisis. It now costs on average of $6K USD in electricity to mine a BTC. Since virtually all video content on the web needs to be encoded anyway, our proposition is that miners encode videos using their GPUs. In return, they receiving VEO tokens. As such, the electricity had to be used for encoding anyway, and the miners will earn profits comparable to other major cryptos like BTC and ETH. In addition, the mining will also assist in raising the token price and keeping it stable.

To accomplish true bufferless video, Viewo encodes live events on the fly, as opposed to traditional video serving where the video needs to be encoded into at least 8 formats which takes a considerable amount of time.  In addition, specialized cloud GPU servers in a custom format are utilized along with some of the fastest data lines in the industry and our unique software. The main processing is done server side to increase data processing speeds (already created in Alpha).

Incorporating AI

Viewo can use AI to add localized advertising in the feeds, real-time captioning, etc., all with no delays. This has major implications for concert streaming, television, gambling (think horse racing and poker), and porn.  Therefore, Many large companies don’t want to host internal videos on YouTube for security reasons, and private video sharing is already a billion dollar plus industry. Furthermore, the current companies offering private video sharing technology are outdated, to say the least. Viewo can white label its video-sharing infrastructure for businesses using Docker Technology to isolate the environment for each company. Therefore, this will protect our network in the case of a DDOS hack attack.

Summarily, Viewo is a unique project that stands out amongst other ICOs. In addition, the core team has a long history of success, and this project will revolutionize video sharing while bringing usable blockchain and cryptocurrency technology to the masses.

Viewo and Foresting
Meeting up with the Foresting team in New York

The Viewo private sale can be joined at

Adam Raphael
Adam Raphael

Adam is the CEO at Viewo a revolutionary blockchain based video streaming technology company. Adam has a proven track record of success in various areas of business.

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