Best Adviser for Financial Management: Korean Startup Finda

Managing your own asset could be the most difficult thing to do after you grow up. You have to get a loan for a house or you might want to just make money. However, you don’t know where to start! So much information is out there and you don’t think any of those fit into your case. You don’t want to spend extra money hiring your own asset manager but you still want to use your money in a smart way. Does this sound familiar to you? Now there is a way to get through it.  Korean startup Finda is a platform for those who are not sure which financial services they should use. They suggest to you the most suitable financial service regarding all the concerns you have.

Features of Finda

A vast amount of Information: There are 7577 financial services that are comparable to each other and 2101 reviews about them. Users can easily get information from Finda and choose on their own, with no pressures. Once they have a better understanding, any user can manage financial information on their own.

Reliability: Finda has alliances with 239 financial institutions that they are trustworthy.  This is far more than any other platform. Finda provides you the best quality and quantity of information that is trustworthy considering users’ current financial state and also latest financial services.

How to Use Finda

Once you log into their website, you will see different categories such as loaning, investments, credit cards, and even insurance. If you click on each different categories, you will see the directions how you can get consulting regarding your problem. For instance, if you click on the loan services category, you will see a little banner saying that Findi can give you recommendations. If you click on that, Findi starts to ask you questions to understand your current status. Once you answered the questions with some more easy clicks, Findi gives you several recommendations and full explanations for them, even redirecting you to the page for further information.

Chloe Han
Chloe Han

Chloe Han is a journalist at Startup Radar. She covers the Korean startup scene as well as the latest Korean culture related content. She attends Yonsei University, majoring in Business Administration and English Literature and Language.

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