AI in the Computer Vision Space

New Solutions in AR

Let’s get to thinking about augmented reality in a different way.  Blippar is a company that specializes in augmented reality.  Therefore we are doing world-leading new solutions within the augmented reality technology space.

AI in Computer Vision

First and foremost Blippar is an augmented reality company.  We specialize in artificial intelligence in computer vision.  Artificial intelligence in the computer vision space is what we use to essentially allow the cameras in your devices to recognize the world around you.  The augmented reality which you are more familiar with is about overlaying information on top of the world that you see.  Therefore allowing you to interact in new and different ways.  We use these products and services and we’ve developed with large multi-national companies, government institutions, education groups, to allow people to use their smartphones in new and different ways.  Whereby getting more interactivity about the world around them.

Why is this new technology important?

Well, the way people are accessing information these days is changing.  It has been changing for the last 20 years if not more.  If you think about how we use to enter information through a keypad, people would enter information through a keypad in text form.  That then moved on to touch screens.  Most recently its moved on to natural language processes such as Microsoft Katana or Apple Siri or Amazon’s Alexa.

This is allowing you to communicate with devices in new and different ways.  Also, if you think about the objective of these big technology companies I’ve just mentioned.  They are trying to make technologies more human, more seamless, and more fluid as to the way you interact with them.  But the way that this is evolving is that it is moving into the next phase now which is centered around vision.  If you think about it, this is a natural evolution.  You think about the way you interpret the world around yourself, it is 90% vision based.  You take the world in using your eyes to understand it.  So it makes a lot of sense that the computing interface evolution will move into the visual space.  This is where AR/VR and mixed reality is really come into its own.

Chris Bell
Chris Bell

Chris joined Blippar in Oct 2015 and his main focuses are – Regional business expansion and growth strategy; VP/C-suite brand partnering; Regional Agency / Holding Group executive partnering; Regional user acquisition and marketing planning; Strategic partnership development; Team building and growth.

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