Across Asia Alliance Road Show: Reshape Jeju AAA

Across Asia Alliance (AAA)

Across Asia AllianceAcross Asia Alliance (AAA) is a community of organizations that aims to connect Asian startups with investors through cross-border networking.  Therefore, they have been aggressively forming partnerships and expanding their network in a very short period of time.  Furthermore, the community has over 20 accelerators/incubators with assets under management of over $700 million and more than 780 traditional startups in their portfolio.

The portfolio companies invested in by the AAA organizations are fast-growing startups that have proven business models and revenue streams.  In addition, by helping these companies incorporate blockchain technology, there is a greater potential for growth.

What Across Asia Alliance can provide

It is hard for most Asian startups to get global investments.  Also, global investors just do not have the time to look see and filter all the different startups.  Therefore, through the Across Asia Alliance, every member can exchange investor proposals and business reports written by the startup members on the online platform.  Furthermore, each member can join both the online and offline activities such as Introduction call, roadshows, meetups to help international networking among regional investors, mentors, enterprises, entrepreneurs, and startups.

Benefit for members

Cost-effective deal sourcing to Investor(VC/CVC)

  • Find proven start-ups easily
    • By purchasing investor reports of the start-ups in which members have invested
  • Join real-time online IR
    • To become informed, educated, and interact with startups proven by hosting organization
  • Get access to deals early
    • By previewing and participating in funding schedules of interested companies, attending online, offline private IR roadshow

Across Asia AllianceLeveraging global partners for Accelerator/Incubator

  • Help the portfolio globally
    • You can easily introduce a regional mentor, investors for early-stage funding and growth in target market

Join the Open Innovation with proven startups for Enterprises

  • Start with startups right now
    • Create business opportunities directly with  start-up to develop products and services identified in member cities
  • Access world-class knowledge, the expertise of members
    • Cooperate with startups recommended by members from other countries
  • Meet online
    • Enterprises can meet global start-ups across borders through webinars and conference calls

Reshape Jeju

AAA will be doing a road show this Thursday in Jeju called Reshape Jeju.  Furthermore, there will be various activities and a networking party on Jeju Island.  Therefore, this will be a great chance for investors, media, startups, and enterprises to connect with the most reliable partners in Korea/Asia.

10 pre-selected startups will join this event which will have close to 50 VIPs and executives from Across Asia Alliance.  In addition, the roadshow is free for AAA members.  The event is sponsored and organized by Bigbang Angels and Across Asia Alliance.

Schedule for Reshape Jeju AAA

Some of the activities will include:
  •  Blockchain education
  •  Blockchain hackathon
  •  Member Introductions
  •  AAA Introduction
  • Startup Pitch Competition
  • Dinner
  • Networking
  • Tour

Members Attending

1. BluePoint Partners 

Bluepoint Partners is a partnership-driven startup accelerator and early-stage VC fund that concentrates on bridging talented high tech entrepreneurs to launching progressive startups with real global solutions. Therefore, their partners and accelerating experts work hand-in-hand with entrepreneurs enabling them to build, make key connections, launch, grow, and raise capital to continue their company’s vision and journey.

2. Sunbo Angel Partners 

Sunbo Angel Partners Co., Ltd. participated in a private equity fund with another accelerator, ‘K-Bridge’ Co with ‘K-Bridge 1st startup association of investment’ and a startup accelerator, ‘Primer’ Co. to develop one startup company that is called as “Rengo” and does business in same-day reservation service for renting a car.

3. Coolidge Corner 

Coolidge Corner Investment (CCVC) provides Seed and Seed+ funding to the most innovative tech startup companies in Korea. In addition, they proudly provide our portfolio companies a customized support in professional incubating, growth hacking, strategy, network and more.

4. SBA 

SBA  provides various services for startups, distribution, new jobs, contents, patents, R&D, and small/medium enterprises with the key goal of creating jobs.  

5. Bigbang Angels 

With the goal to become a respectful seed accelerator, Bigbang Angels have drawn over 70 initial investments since its establishment in 2012.  Not only simple mentoring for seed investment, Bigbang Angels support startups’ growth by providing mentoring by investors/advisors.  

6. Blue Startups 

Blue Startups is a Hawaiian-based accelerator company co-founded by Henk Rogers, Maya Rogers and Chenoa Farnsworth in 2012. They created it to help startup companies, and help make Hawaii more identifiable as a technological business hub.

7. MOX 

The Mobile Only Accelerator —MOX brings free user acquisition to the 167 million users on its smartphone platform and investment in return for revenue share and equity.  The first global accelerator in Taiwan, MOX is operated by SOSV – the Accelerator VC – a venture fund with $300M assets under management investing through seven accelerators in startups from around the world by industry vertical in the Internet, Hardware, Biotech, and Food.

8. Chinaccelerator 

Chinaccelerator is a Shanghai-based startup accelerator that provides seed funding, mentorship, and legal assistance to software companies.

9. Magna Investment 

MAGNA Investment Inc. is a venture capital firm specializing in machinery and equipment sectors. It primarily invests in South Korea with a focus in Gyeonggi province in South Korea. In addition, the firm also considers investments in Gwangju-si and Jeollanam-do, both in South Korea. Furthermore, it also makes secondary investments. MAGNA Investment Inc. was established in 2010 and is based in Seoul, South Korea.

10. Roa Invention Lab 

ROA Invention Lab specializes in a wide range of high technology development such as Machine Learning, O2O/e-Commerce, Fintech & Blockchain and Automobile Technology. In addition, they also partnered with large Korean companies such as Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (KODIT) in the start-up accelerator program.

11. Brinc

Brinc is an ultra hands-on hardware accelerator, manufacturing studio, and distribution company that supports physical entrepreneurship. Therefore, they offer comprehensive programs tailored to IoT, connected hardware, drones, and robotics startups looking for speed, access, and the know-how to build successful companies.

12. 01Booster 

01Booster is a leading Japanese seed accelerator with a focus on the Asian market.  Therefore, in collaboration with well-known Japanese corporations, 01Booster supports Japanese and international startups with a program very suitable for the Japanese market. Furthermore, they aim to expand open innovation to Japan’s ecosystem through their accelerator program and offering industry meetups, co-working spaces, investment opportunities and educational resources for entrepreneurs.

13. TNB Ventures 

TNB Ventures is a venture capital firm and accelerator led by entrepreneurs with proven operational experience and exits under their belts.  In addition, they have a diverse and complementary background in fund management, software, and precision engineering.

14. Synergy Partners 

Synergy Partners is an executive recruiting firm specializing in the placement of Financial and Technology professionals. Therefore, their financial clients include many of the leading investment banks, domestic and foreign banks, management consulting firms, as well as many boutique hedge funds, venture capital, money management and investment advisory firms. 

15. MERCK (TBD) 

With its specialized and high-quality products, Merck has become a leader in Healthcare, Life Science, and Performance Materials Sector.

AAA Shows why Roadshows are important for Asian Startups and Investors

Across Asia AllianceRoadshows are still a very critical communications strategy for startups looking for funding or partners.  In addition, for investors what better way to learn more about a startup than face to face.

Even with so much advancement in technology, there are still challenges in regards to distance, culture, language, and communication.  Roadshows have died down since digital and social media came on the scene.  However, the most important deals are done in person rather than over the phone or via Skype.  Therefore, it would be foolish to underestimate the importance of personal one-on-one discussions.

Across Asia AllianceRoadshows are mostly about selling people, rather than the financials because investors can see all the important data through a company deck.  Therefore, through a Roadshow, startups will have the investors full attention.  This is why Across Asia Alliance is all about online/offline.  They do digital marketing to promote their startups and accelerators but they are also focused on taking their members on the road to meet with their investors throughout the year.

John Yoon

John Yoon is the Editor in Chief at Startup Radar, Organizer for Startup Festival 2017, Head of Operations Korea at EOS Asia and the Global Marketing Director for Email = if you are interested in guest contributing and helping the Korean startup ecosystem. Wechat, Kakao, and Line user ID is jswy315

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