4 EOS Block Producer Candidates To Know

I’m Joseph and also co-founder of EOS Asia.  Many people already know me in the EOS community around the world.  I handled an advertisement company in China over the last few years.  During that time I’ve worked on products with big companies like Tencent. I Founded EOS Link mainly to help Chinese BPs to communicate with western BPs and arrange their Block Production operations.  Furthermore, I’ve helped EOS Go to develop a way to organize all information related to EOS Block Producer Candidates by creating the EOS Go Portal. 

It’s important to me that an organization like EOS Go exists and thrive.  This is because this is where all the beginners will come to find each other and learn more about EOS.  I think every BP should find a way to contribute to EOS GO in the future as well.

I actually want to list some other candidates besides ourselves that I found is really helpful to the EOS BP community.  

EOS Sweden

EOS Sweden is doing great work educating and organizing most of the BP community.  While at the same time leading to it’s technical knowledge in the area.  They bring together all kinds of people wanting to join the EOS community, have great discussions about blockchain, and developing new dApps.

EOS 42 London

EOS 42 London have similar values to ours.  They focus deeply on the technical importance that running as BP brings but at the same time they want to offer more options to the token holders through dApp development.  They aim to protect the EOS network through high performance, reliable network support, investing to enable it to scale, protecting precious EOS token resources and value, and empowering the community to create a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.  Furthermore, they have pledged a proportion of profits to blockchain education charitable causes.  

EOS Canada


EOS Canada is another great candidate that’s trying it’s best to make the BIOS process as seamless as possible.  They have been active in running and testing the community testnet.  As well as in the creation of the BIOS Boot sequence.  In addition, they have also been building various community tools to help the EOS ecosystem grow.  They want to become the hub for companies, entrepreneurs, and dApp developers for the EOS.IO network. 


EOS NY not only educates token holders but also giving a good point of view to BPs on how the network should be run.  They are co-founded by two blockchain enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and strong believers of the vision EOS seeks to make into a reality. 

Joseph Fanelli
Joseph Fanelli

Joseph is the founder of EOS Link, EOS Go China ambassador, guest writer for NEO City of Zion, and cofounder of webao.co. Over the years he has cooperated with many large corporations including China’s Tencent QQ Music, overseeing large projects and taking the helm of NIO Capital’s online presence, all while managing multiple companies throughout Asia. With EOS Link, Joseph seeks to bridge the gap between Block Producer candidates around the world and especially between East and West. Through EOS Link, he has coordinated efforts and provided technical support to multiple Block Producer applicants. With a love for EOS and a relentless drive to push the EOS community forward, he teamed up with Dafeng to create EOS Asia. He offers not only milestone contributions at the technical level but also valuable perspective for our communities.

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